Hump Day Husbandos: Buggy (One Piece)

Hump Day Husbandos

What is there to say about the man, the myth, the legend that is Buggy the Clown  — the genius jester. Considering the recent events in the One Piece manga, there was no way we could possibly not talk about Buggy — the only problem I was facing when wanting to talk about him was spoilers! So, of course, the most logical thing would be to simply praise the character in a way that allows me to allude to something without even coming close to spoiling anything. 

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Hump Day Husbando: Buggy (One Piece)

Who is Buggy?

Buggy is a character that I would consider to be Luffy’s first real enemy when he sets out on his journey to become the pirate king. When we first meet him, Buggy has taken over Orange Town and is attempting to retrieve a treasure map that had recently been stolen from him. It is later revealed that Nami, who later joins Luffy as a Straw Hat, was the one responsible for stealing the treasure map — which ends up getting Luffy, Zoro, and Nami into heaps of trouble. 

As the characters battle it out we learn that Buggy, much like Luffy, possesses the power of a Devil Fruit — the power of the chop-chop fruit! This power allows Buggy to split up his body however he sees fit; he can even use this power to fly as he can telekinetically control all of these body parts. Buggy felt like the first proper villain for Luffy not only because he was a pirate, but also because his fruit reflected Luffy’s in some ways — Luffy’s rubber body renders guns useless, and Buggy’s body renders swords useless. 

The most important thing you need to know about Buggy though is that despite all of the ass-whoopings that this man has received, after all of the times he has run away with his tails between his legs, there is no one more fortunate than One Piece’s favourite clown. Each time this character manages to survive some insane event, often by sheer luck, Buggy is given credit, and his fame increases. 

One Piece: Buggy the Clown

Why we love Buggy

At first, Buggy feels like a simple first villain of the series, but as you watch more of One Piece you slowly begin to understand that this stupid clown has a whole backstory thick with relevance to the previous pirate king, Blackbeard, and even the pirate who inspired Luffy, Shanks. The character feels like a simple gag character at first, never really posing any real threat, but the more you see him throughout the story, the more he’ll grow on you. 

I mentioned that Buggy is a character who is extremely lucky and I really mean it. After being detained in the World Government’s highest security prison, he manages to escape thanks to some other characters’ interference. He survives one of the biggest wars in the series between the World Government and the Whitebeard pirates, and as a result of him simply running away and hiding while in this war, he was appointed an extremely exclusive position amongst other very powerful pirates from all over the world — who knows where this luck could take him next? *wink wink* Manga readers know what’s up. 

Where most characters would want to improve upon themselves, become strong, and gain a name in the world of One Piece, Buggy would much rather find ways to convince other strong people to join his crew. He has his own crew make him out to be more fearsome than he really is, he uses his Devil Fruit power to appear physically bigger than he really is; he truly is the embodiment of all bark and no bite. However, I absolutely love him for it. 

Buggy the Clown

Why you’ll love Buggy

I will say it right now that upon first meeting the character you will absolutely not be sold on Buggy. You’ll probably be thinking “why on earth did that guy on Rice Digital gas this character up so much?!” and to that, all I can say is give it time. At the very least you won’t hate Buggy — but he needs time in order for you to really start to appreciate why this man is going to be the future pirate king. 

He is a character who is connected to so many important things in the overarching story of One Piece and we’re still waiting to see just how important of a role he will truly play. He is a perfect example of a character you think is a simple throwaway gag after a single arc, but Oda has built him up so well that he is quite literally impossible to ignore. I promise you, Buggy is so much more interesting than you will initially think, and the payoff will be so worth it. 

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