Kandagawa Jet Girls Coming West Summer 2020

XSEED have revealed that they will be releasing Kandagawa Jet Girls this summer in North America, it’s likely Marvelous will also reveal a similar release window.

The new game from the creators of Senran Kagura is set to be released in the summer of this year, according to XSEED, the North American publishers. Also revealed was a Racing Hearts collector’s edition for PS4 (the game is also releasing on PC).

The collector’s edition features a full-colour 64-page artbook and a 2-disc music CD with 54 tracks from the soundtrack. The edition comes in a box with artwork from Hanaharu Maruko!

Kandagawa Jet Girls Opening Cinematic

A description of the game, from XSEED:

From the creators of SENRAN KAGURA, experience a new kind of racing game that blends tight cornering and aerial stunts with rapid-fire shootouts, all with a shimmering, cheerful aesthetic. Choose from one of seven different two-girl teams, customize your jet machine, and race for the prize while grabbing extra weapons and items on the go. Use your boost engine wisely, then fill it back up by performing tricks for the crowd. Master your craft, and your teamwork, and you’ll rule the Kandagawa!

A Wet, Wild Ride

Dash down the river and leave the competition in your wake! Zoom off of ramps, pull flips and twists in the air to fill your boost engine, dodge or blast obstacles, find hidden powerups, and hose down your opponents while being sure to evade their return fire!

Go Under the Hood and Customize

Winning races and challenges will unlock hundreds of customization options, from the girls’ swimsuits and hairstyles to the jet machines’ skins, decals, and special effects. The inside of the jet machine is as customizable as the outside, allowing players to fine tune its performance to best match their driving style.

Tackle the River Alone or Compete Online

Experience the game’s robust Story Mode with each of the seven two-girl teams having their own unique multi-episode arc totaling 64 episodes of lighthearted racing drama, or go online for multiplayer mayhem against up to three opponents in casual or ranked matches.

Shinobi Surprise!

Ryōna and Ryōbi from SENRAN KAGURA are included as a bonus team in the Western release, with more of their ninja friends on the way as premium DLC.

Whilst this news currently doesn’t apply to Europe, it would make sense that Marvelous will release the game within the same window, so expect an update on that soon.

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