A look at Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Bandai Namco announced the newest instalment in the Dragon Ball video game franchise. This time it is the first Dragon Ball title that will make its way to the next generation of consoles. Aside from various aesthetic improvements the game will also allow you to create your own character and use him in combat.



This title brings everything you may have come to expect from a new generation of hardware, including: more destruction, improved lighting, better particle effects and even better facial expression.


In order to make the story more interesting Bandai Namco added a twist to the standard Dragon Ball Z storyline. You play as a survivor to planet Vegeta’s destruction. This is a new character that comes from the future and will play a big role in the game. The interesting thing about this is that you have the ability to specify how this character will look. You select its gender, attachments, skills and even species in order to intervene in the Dragon Ball Z storyline. Three different species were noted. Earthlings are average fighters but have strong ki attacks. Majin are though and have a lot of hit points. Namekians, like in the show, are resilient and slowly recover HP in combat.


In addition there will be new maps such as a futuristic city. This will serve as an online HUB and starting point for the adventure. The players were summoned by Shenron’s power and will face off against Trunks who will test your strength.


The game will feature offline 2 on 2 battles and an online cooperative mode. The game was made by the Dimps, the developers behind the Budokai series, so we can only hope that the series will regain the popularity it had on the PlayStation 2.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Bandai Namco has stated that a network test will be coming soon on their Dragon Ball Xenoverse Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled.


In the end I managed to get a photo with Masayuki Hirano, who wore a Goku costume, and his translator, who had a Scouter. When asked, Hirano said his favorite character was Yamcha, while his translator said he liked Vegeta the most.

Dragon Ball Z - Developers


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