Mobius Final Fantasy Comes to Steam in February

Free-to-play mobile game Mobius Final Fantasy will be coming to PC on Steam on 6th February! The content is no different from the mobile version of the game, but players will now be able to enjoy Mobius Final Fantasy in full HD!



If you already have Mobius Final Fantasy on mobile, you’ll be able to use the same account, and can switch between the mobile and PC versions whenever you want with your progression in tact.


To celebrate the game’s release, logging in on Steam will reward players with a number of items, such as Ability Tickets, and even a Summon Ticket. These items will be decided by the number of shares and likes on social media the Mobius Final Fantasy PC Global Release Campaign page achieves. The current number is already over 5,000, with the rewards listed as a Phoenix Down, 10 Ability Tickets, and 3 Gold Openers!


Mobius Final Fantasy Comes to Steam in February

Straight after the game’s release, a special Final Fantasy VII Remake collaboration event will be held on 7th February. This event will have Cloud, the Guard Scorpion, and the Mako Reactor incorporated into the game. The game’s project leader, Naoki Hamaguchi, has stated that he also hopes to do a Final Fantasy XV collaboration event in some way or another in the future, and to collaborate with other Final Fantasy titles.


Mobius Final Fantasy Comes to Steam in February

Mobius Final Fantasy releases on Steam on 6th February, and is currently available on iOS and Android.

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