My Hero Academia: Our Top Fights So Far (Part 1)

Now that the fourth season of the My Hero Academia dub has finally finished airing, we can do a bit of unpacking and seeing where it fits within the series. It definitely featured some big, emotional highs as well as some really great, action-packed fights, which have been a staple of the show since it hit the airwaves in 2016. So here I’m going to break down my top fights in the series so far and what makes each of them stand out in the ocean of Shonen anime fights over the years.

A few quick disclaimers, though.

One, these are obviously opinion so if your favourite scene isn’t included, its not personal and your only recourse will be to shout at us on various social media sites.

Two, these fights will only be up through the current run of the anime, so expect some spoilers if you’re not caught up. If you want to get caught up, all the episodes are dubbed and ready to go from Funimation!

Three, I’m not including film exclusive fights, even though Two Heroes let us see Deku and All Might fighting side-by-side and it was amazing. If you want to know what we thought of Heroes Rising, you can check that out for yourself.

Ready? Good. Then let’s Go Plus Ultra!

My Top My Hero Academia Fights: Part One

Endeavor vs Nomu (Season 4, Episode 25)

My Hero Academia - Endeavor

After years of seeing him act as the brooding, aggressive foil to All Might’s heroics, one of the big questions left in the most recent season of My Hero Academia has been how Endeavor would fill the role of Number One hero. Those questions remained firmly in place when the hero rankings were revealed in the penultimate episode of season four as Hawks tried to goad the big man into stepping more into that spotlight. As the two meet up to discuss a case, however, they’re rudely interrupted by a violent and terrifying Nomu, this one with multiple quirks, the ability to speak, and a nightmare-fuel design, looking to throw down with whoever is the strongest.

The fight that follows not only showcases the extent of Endeavor’s powers in new ways, but it also serves as the beginning of his own redemption arc. Up till this point, we’d only seen the arrogance and frustration of the Number Two hero, driven mad by his quest to overtake the insurmountable All Might for so many years. In this fight, we see him push himself and risk everything to protect people.

We see glimpses at the good that has seen him rise to the top of the hero world. We see an acknowledgement of the wrong he has done, both as a father and a husband. Its emotional as well as thrilling to watch. Plus, it was our first look at Hawks powers, which, as is often the case in this show, is surprisingly fun to see. In fact, it would have ranked higher if the Nomu attack hadn’t felt so abrupt and come with so little explanation.

Fat Gum and Red Riot vs Kendo and Hekiji (Season 4, Episode 9)

My Hero Academia - Red Riot Unbreakable

Kirishima was one of the breakout stars of season four, getting the kind of development that Iida had during season three and Uraraka got during season two. His unbreakable form, combined with a more fleshed out backstory and heroic motivation, had me worried that he would be the first member of Class 1-A to fall. When he and Fat Gum got separated from the rest of the team during the mission to rescue young Eri, I was on the edge of my seat.

The fight against Kendo, a villain of immense punching strength, and Hekiji, who can produce an unbreakable shield, initially leaves the two more defensive minded heroes on the back foot. Kirishima is nearly knocked out early on, leaving Fat Gum to absorb the blows of Kendo unprotected.

We get a bit more of Kirishima’s backstory, along with more of his relationship with Mina, before he jumps in to give Fat Gum a chance to convert all his collected fat into energy, transforming himself into a leaner, powerful form that I’ve started calling “Fit Gum” and laying out the two villains in a single blow. Its exciting and emotional, standing out in an arc that is full of fantastic fights (more on that later), proving that its not just Kirishima’s body that is unbreakable.

So that’s part one of my top fights in My Hero Academia (so far). Stay tuned to see if your favourite one made my top three tomorrow!

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