New BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character incoming

Arc System Works recently made round of new announcements regarding BlazBlue. Specifically that there will be a new BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Character incoming with arrival of a 1.5 update to the 2D fighting game.


BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle was last year’s new fighter from Arc System Works which saw characters from BlazBlue, Persona, Under Night in Birth and RWBY universes collide. It was actually pretty fun – moving away from the complexity usually associated with Arc System Works fighters for something altogether more streamlined, fast and, ultimately, very entertaining.


BBTAG new character


This most recent announcement concerns the arrival of BlazBlue Cross TAG Battle’s arrival in arcades in Japan using the “NESiCAxLive 2” and “ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Ver. 3” platforms.


According to the announcement, there will also be a new BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Characters incoming – something that will be announced on the 9th and 10th of February, when the 1.5 arcade playtests go live at selected venues in Tokyo, Aichi and Osaka.


BBTAG New character


No sign of who this character may be, although there have been rumours that Senran Kagura characters may start to make an appearance, after the game was data-mined back in May of last year.


If you’ve not tried BlazBlue Cross TAG Battle, you can buy the very limited special edition, right here.

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