New Genshin Impact zone arrives in December

 New Genshin Impact zone arrives in December

Genshin Impact hasn’t been out for long, but developer MiHoYo is already looking ahead at a steady stream of upcoming updates for its hit free-to-play RPG. Most notable of these is a new region named Dragonspine, due to release on December 23.

The new area will launch alongside an event which will presumably introduce players to the location. It will be the second update to the game, following the ‘Unreconciled Stars’ event on November 11. After Dragonspine, the next event is named ‘Lantern Rite’ and will be here in February 2021.

Right now, we’ve only got these, quite evocative, names to go off. Your guess as to their meaning is as good as ours, though at present it seems like Dragonspine will be a meatier update than the other two. Keep an eye out for fresh details in the future.

Even better news for fans of the game, yet more Genshin Impact content is likely to be announced pretty soon: the developer has promised it will update its roadmap every six weeks. Makes sense that they’re putting in work to keep players engaged, given how successful the launch has been.

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