NieR Automata New Forest Zone Screenshots

 NieR Automata New Forest Zone Screenshots

Everything screams NieR in this newest batch of screenshots, making us remember everything we loved about the 2010 original. NieR Automata has that desaturated color pallet, sprawling castles and dilapidated modern day cities from a bygone era overgrown with lush vegetation.






Even the new foes we encounter have that eerie feeling of the unknown. Once loyal protectors Forest Castle, these mechanical enemies are now just rundown relics of the past, with their lumbering armor and glowing red eyes. However they may prove to be a challenge under the strict leadership of their unique looking commander.


NieR: Automata will be available on PlayStation 4 on February 23 in Japan. Western fans will be able to pick up this game in early 2017 for both PlayStation 4 and Windows on Steam.


For those that want to bring themselves up to speed on the series you can do so with our 13 part Drakengard and NieR retrospective.


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