Otome legend BUSTAFELLOWS finally has a western release date!

BUSTAFELLOWS, the long-awaited steamy noir thriller from Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Extend Inc. and our friends at PQube, finally has a release date: it’ll be with us on July 30, 2021.

For the unfamiliar, BUSTAFELLOWS is a sprawling adventure with over 80 hours of gameplay that the otome gaming community in particular have been keen to see in English for many years now. You’ll have to solve crimes and puzzles in order to discover the truth behind five of the most dangerous, deadly gents out there.

Taking on the role of independent journalist Teuta, you’ll step into a murky underworld as you investigate the death of your brother and attempt to maintain a sense of order and justice in a troubled world.

The game features five main narrative routes, each with multiple endings, plus a series of side stories that allow you to explore the world of BUSTAFELLOWS in full. To find out more, check out our preview from a while back!

Here’s a few brand new localised screenshots to whet your appetite:


Here we have something bad happening to one of our boys.


Here’s a decision point — a seemingly innocuous game of “heads or tails”, but could this actually be a defining moment in the story?


Here’s our boys in action. And they’re absolutely definitely not up to no good, no no no.


And here’s an example of the game’s timed decision points, which put you under pressure to show your knowledge or make a critical choice in order to determine how the narrative proceeds.

Exciting stuff!


BUSTAFELLOWS will be available as a Collector’s Edition for Nintendo Switch and Steam (with the latter version including a download code rather than a game disc) — click here to preorder through the Funstock store. There’s also a standard physical edition available — click here to preorder from Amazon UK, or here to preorder from Amazon US.

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