Our top 3 manga that need an anime adaptation

Chainsaw Man has been one of the most exciting and visually creative manga to come out in recent years, with each panel being a masterclass in layout and flow for action sequences. It was quickly cited as one of the biggest manga that need an anime adaptation — though it was so unusual and the subject matter so surreal that it seemed impossible. But then MAPPA announced they were attempting exactly that by bringing the Chainsaw Man manga to life in time for late 2021.

Of course, there are plenty of other manga floating around that we’d be excited to see an anime adaptation for. From silly slice of life to action packed classics that need celebrating, here are our favourite manga that need an anime adaptation.

My Dad’s the Queen of All VTubers?!

Manga that need an anime: My Dad's the Queen of All VTubers?!

We here at Rice Digital love VTubers. Some of us a bit more than others. (Don’t know what you mean – Ed.) But what do we know about the people behind those VTuber rigs? They could be anyone. They could even be… your dad! That’s the basic premise behind My Dad is the Queen of All VTubers.

Takashi is an average high school student who, like many young men, has a crush on one of the biggest VTubers around, Kizuke Yai. At least, he did until he walked in on his dad with his rig on and found out the terrible truth – his father has been Kizuke Yai this whole time.

The manga (available on the new Azuki app as well as in physical form) is very silly and delves into the absurd at the slightest provocation, but there is also something heart-warming about how Takashi’s father uses this moment to try to become closer to his son, creating a VTuber persona for him so they can stream together, mostly against his will. The humour and antics the pair get up to work brilliantly.

The series is still young and ongoing, so we’ll have to see what the future holds, but I think this is definitely among manga that need an anime adaptation.

Spy x Family

Manga that need an anime adaptation: Spy x Family

What happens when a spy needs a family to complete his cover while he completes a mission, but accidentally recruits a mind-reader and an assassin? Well, it could be a taut spy thriller as the three play both sides to see who comes out on top… or it could end up as a madcap comedy of errors and near-misses. Or, in the case of Spy x Family, it could somehow manage to do both exceptionally well.

As far as manga that need an anime adaptation, this one has a lot going for it. Action and intrigue coupled with comedic, slice of life moments as well as some genuinely touching moments between the pretend family as they are forced to deal with the trappings of suburbia.

Tatsuyo Endo, the mangaka behind Spy x Family, does a remarkable job of taking what could be a one-note, simple concept and breathing life into it. Some of my favourite stories are those of “found families”, so this one scratches that particular itch better than most.

Deadpool: Samurai

Manga that need an anime: Deadpool and All Might

Deadpool is very in right now, so its not surprising that he managed to find himself in Japan with a manga about his exploits. Deadpool: Samurai tackles just about every shounen trope you can imagine with the kind of fourth-wall breaking commentary that Deadpool is known for. Originally this was only meant to be a one off story where the Merc with a Mouth got stuck in feudal Japan and had to tackle encounters with ninjas and samurai, but it proved to be one of Marvel’s highest selling books of the year, so it quickly spawned a full on-going series.

With the official English translation set to hit shelves in Spring 2022, I don’t expect to see an anime adaptation of this one any time soon. However, I would pay literally any amount of money to see a studio recreate the scene where Deadpool teams up with All Might of My Hero Academia fame to take on a bewildered Thanos in the middle of Tokyo. That scene alone is begging to be brought to life.

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