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One Piece is approaching the 1,000 episode mark, and as we move closer to that milestone I found myself looking back at just how many openings One Piece, and some other long-running series, have had over the years. Anime openings are an important part of the anime experience, and when a series hits us with a new opening, that’s a big moment! 

So It’s time for me to sit down and figure out exactly which five openings are my favourites from One Piece. This series has had some great openings — along with some that are not so great — and a certain one that transcends all others in a way you might not expect. Without further delay, let’s get into it!


This isn’t just nostalgia talking, I don’t think that there exists a better One Piece opening when it comes to capturing the very essence of the series so perfectly. The opening starts with a short bit of exposition telling you about Gol. D. Roger, the greatest pirate treasure, and the way that he launches the world into the great age of pirates. 

If we do include nostalgia though, this song takes me back to a time when One Piece was this new discovery in my life, and God, I wish I could go back and experience this incredible story again for the first time. Back in a time where I didn’t need anything other than the ability to press the “next episode” button, and I had the time to marathon anime like no one else. 

I must say that it helps that there is a version of this opening that is sung by the voice actors for the Straw Hat crew — this song really is unfair. It’s too important to One Piece. 

Share The World

The next opening that stands out to me from the show is Share The World! A lot of the One Piece openings up until this point were all really cheery, poppy songs that kind of hit the same note in my opinion. Share The World stood out to me because it mixed up the tempo and slowed things down. I also really liked the visuals throughout the opening, where we got scenes of each of the Straw Hats doing hobbies that they enjoy or just going about their day-to-day lives. 

Fight Together

Next up is Fight Together. This one is actually quite a special one for a couple of reasons — the main one being that this song takes place after one of the biggest and most heart-wrenching tragedies in the series; one which directly affects our main man Luffy.

Despite this, the crew is separated and can’t do anything to help him even though he is suffering. It’s because of this event that Luffy makes the decision to train for two years. So even though the crew is split up, they are still fighting together so that they can meet again. 

The visuals are incredible as well — seeing flashbacks to big pivotal moments in each of the crew members’ character arcs is a nice touch. Luffy is training alone, but remembering all of these moments while he does so — and so are we as the viewer.


This is a song that I think flies under the radar of most — which is a shame, because this song is an absolute banger. As with most openings in anime, the visuals play a big part in what makes them so good, and it certainly helps that the visuals for Hope are great! This song takes place during an arc in which we get some big and surprising character developments. Plot points that had been teased and played with were finally here, too, and we also get one of the more interesting fights in the entire series. 

4Kids One Piece Rap

You thought I was going to skip over the 4Kids One Piece rap?! This was my childhood! Before I started watching One Piece with subtitles, this was what we had in the UK — all of the 4Kids dubs and their hilarious edits. If I’m being 100% honest with everyone here, I genuinely quite like the One Piece Rap. Some of the lines are hilarious, but it’s catchy as hell and I guarantee it will get stuck in your head — it does that thing where it’s so bad that it’s good.

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