Platinum Also Tease Wonderful 101 Switch

Following on from the kinda sorta tease of Bayonetta on Switch, Platinum have now tweeted a piece of art that much more directly hints at the possibility of a Wonderful 101 Switch. Like Bayonetta 2, The Wonderful 101 was a Wii U exclusive. The official artwork by Eiji Funahashi shows characters playing the game on Switch.



While it isn’t an official announcement, there’s really no other way to take the image. Unless, of course, they are simply trolling based on the fan reaction to their much more innocuous Bayonetta artwork. But, it even looks like the controllers have a Switch logo on them.



As The Wonderful 101 was a Wii U exclusive, it would make sense if this was a port of that game, rather than a full-on sequel. The Wii U still has a lot of great exclusive games that would be great to see made available on Switch in some form. The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta are top of that list for us.



Still, The Wonderful 101 used the Wii U’s double screens pretty heavily, which isn’t a feature that seems able to be replicated on Switch. For example, switching viewpoints between the two screens, and drawing command symbols on the tablet as you fight on the big screen.


A port might be tricky, but it also might make the game more appealing to those who worried that the controls were a bit gimmicky in The Wonderful 101. We loved them, but more than a few people seemed to struggle getting into it.



We’re always up for Wii U games coming to Switch, so hopefully more news of a Wonderful 101 Switch game will come from Platinum or Nintendo soon! We’ll be sure to update everyone if it does!

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