Pokémon Gold Outsells Silver on UK Virtual Console Because It’s the Better Game

 Pokémon Gold Outsells Silver on UK Virtual Console Because It’s the Better Game

Despite many falsely claiming that Pokémon Silver is the superior of the second generation Pokémon duo, the facts have proven otherwise now that they’ve both been released on the 3DS Virtual Console. Chart-Track reports that, quite rightly, Pokémon Gold has outsold Pokémon Silver.



The two titles have debuted in the UK multi-platform charts at 18 and 21 respectively. Pokémon Gold features the fire/flying type Ho-Oh as its legendary Pokémon, opposing Silver’s own psychic/flying Lugia. Despite being a badass, Ho-Oh got the short end of the stick on original release, as this generation came out around the same time as Pokémon the Movie 2000 in the UK.


The film starred Lugia as its main ‘mon, which unfairly made it more popular in the social consciousness. Though, Ho-Oh did mysteriously appear in the first episode of the anime ever. And you can get both in either version, anyway.



These two Virtual Console releases received throwback boxed releases, which just included a download code for the 3DS eShop. Which is kind of cool, though not very environmentally friendly considering it’s just a code.


Thankfully it seems that people have now truly come to accept Gold as the superior release. It’s notable that, unlike the Virtual Console releases of the first generation Pokémon that included Red, Blue, and the special version, Yellow, this generation has not had its own special version, Crystal, released.



Thank you Pokémon Gold fans for keeping the dream alive.

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