Resident Evil live action series coming to Netflix

Resident Evil and live action. If you’ve seen any of the many Resident Evil movies, this is probably not a combination you want to see. With that in mind, hopefully Netflix’s new live action Resident Evil series does a better job at adapting the games than previous attempts.

Revealed by Netflix through a tweet earlier today, the Resident Evil adaption is being handled by Supernatural’s Andrew Dabb, and The Walking Dead, The Journey Is the Destination director Bronwen Hughes.

A total of eight hour-long episodes are planned, with The Hollywood Reporter giving us a plot summary for the new series. Instead of being a direct adaption of the games, this is going to be yet another original story that only takes inspiration from them instead.

Two timelines will be covered during the series, each featuring Jade Wesker. In one timeline, a 14-year-old Jade moves to New Raccoon City with her brother Billie. As you’d expect, both the town and the Wesker family are hiding world-destroying secrets. In the future, an older Jade has to deal with both her past, and the billions of monsters that now prowl the Earth.

There’s definitely potential for a decent Resident Evil show, though (as the comments below the announcement tweet show) I can’t help but feel like a more faithful adaption of the series would be better received.

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