All of the Sega Bass Fishing voice acting taken out of context is hilarious.

I’d wager it’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all week. Why am I posting this? Because my Rice Digital overlords posted THIS to Vine and I remembered I’d watched this a week ago and laughed so hard, alone, in my home – that my neighbours (and those walking past my living room window at precisely 9.03 last tuesday night) now shield their children when I see them in the street.


But I don’t care! Because a) I discovered something  truly special that night and b) Sega Bass Fishing voice acting is so amazing, that I sometimes just loop it, over and over so that it feels like I have company when I’m in the house on my own.


You know?


Like when people leave the radio on for their pets when they go out to work? Only Sega Bass Fishing Voice Acting Radio is so erotic, so sexually charged, it LITERALLY feels like I’m being physically loved.


And I think we can all see the value in that, right?


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