Super-lewd dodge ’em up Shuttlecock-H is getting an uncensored physical release

Good news, lewd fans! One of the naughtiest console games in recent memory, Shuttlecock-H, is getting a physical release via Funbox Media. And if you’ve been paying attention at all over the last couple of years, you know exactly what that means: an already naughty game is about to get even naughtier, with exclusive nude content not available in any other version of the game.

Like many other games of this type, Shuttlecock-H originated as an adults-only game on PC before being ported to consoles by lewd specialists eastasiasoft. Unlike some other games that eastasiasoft had previously given this treatment, the game came to Switch with all its lewd content intact — including some Live2D style animations that, despite featuring graphics covering up genitals, very clearly showed characters getting jiggy. Boffing. Boning. Shagging. Making the beast with two backs. Knocking boots.

They were having sex, if that wasn’t clear enough for you.


Yes, indeed, in contrast to a lot of other lewd games on Switch, which tend to draw the line at beautiful young anime-style women flashing their baps at you and going “teeheehee”, Shuttlecock-H was rather noteworthy for featuring the closest we’d come to full-on explicit sex scenes on a console platform — outside of the triple-A space, I mean, because we all know the rules are different when money is being thrown around.

Okay, the sexual content in Shuttlecock-H is sort of incidental to the whole experience, since it’s something that goes on as a “reward” for succeeding in the game’s arcade-style “dodge ’em up” gameplay, and the narrative aspects of the game are… shall we say, a tad limited. But this is still noteworthy, because if this is something that developers and publishers are able to get approved by a ratings board (note: a ratings board, not all the ratings boards, hence the Europe-only nature of these releases), what does that mean for, say, visual novels where explicit sexual scenes are integral to the story such as Frontwing’s classic Grisaia series — or, hell, even stronger stuff like Saya no Uta and Euphoria?

It’ll likely take time before we see the full long-term effects of eastasiasoft and Funbox Media’s sterling work in this regard. In the meantime, though, releases like Shuttlecock-H are well worth supporting — not least because the game itself is actually very solid, lewds aside.


As alluded to above, Shuttlecock-H is a “dodge ’em up” in which you control a small spaceship with no weapons. Thus, in order to complete each stage you must survive an onslaught of bullets and other enemy attacks, ideally collecting a series of hearts in the process in order to unlock later levels and additional content in the game.

As you progress through the stages of each “universe” in the game, you’re treated to a series of gradually escalating scenes between your girl of choice and the silent first-person player-protagonist character. With each passing stage, the girl loses more clothes, and at various milestones, the overall situation changes. Each girl’s series of levels culminates with a level accompanied by an animated sex scene.

The game is well-presented and features some particularly catchy music. It’s a lot of fun to play, and while the erotic art arguably isn’t the best you’ll ever see, it’s definitely, uh, fit for purpose. You can even spend some time with the girls “offline” thanks to the art cards included with Funbox’s physical release.

So if you want to see more stuff like this on Switch — and, more to the point, be able to add it to your physical collection and proudly display it on your shelves like the proud perv you are — you know what to do. Preorders are open here, and the game is set to ship towards the end of July.

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