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We love our otome games here, and a particular topic that rears its head now and then in the community is where exactly one can find the most steamy otome titles. It’s an understandable desire considering how many titles don’t cater to this need, particularly when most localised titles are all-ages console releases.

For this list, we attempted to cover both cases: more explicit examples of PC titles, and the most steamy scripts on consoles. This has ended up being mostly localised examples as a result despite the majority of explicit content for English audiences coming from indie creations. So while half of the list will be rated 18, we will still make it clear which entries are explicit.

Please also take note that all the otomes we suggest here are for audiences that read English. That means our picks include localisations, OELVNs (Original English Language Visual Novels) and one very specific Japanese-only game with a plethora of English translations available online. If you have your own recommendations, feel free to let us know in the comments or via our social accounts as usual.


The Bell Chimes for Gold

Steamy otome games: The Bell Chimes for Gold

The Bell Chimes for Gold is a steamy otome game to truly cherish for those whose preferences are catered to with its particular love interests and game design. As a game that is part visual novel, part dungeon crawler featuring oji-san love interests with erotic encounters, The Bell Chimes for Gold is an unusual otome that specific English audiences can enjoy thanks to Denpasoft — in fact, it’s the company’s only otome localisation to date.

If you happen to like the niche kinks and interests (age gap galore within every single storyline — it writes itself) that the title caters to, you will be happy to know that this entry is not the only one within the IP, since it is followed up by Marialbum and A Day in the Life of Maria. These other titles are purchasable on Steam, but the most explicit content from this original game can only be obtained via Denpasoft’s storefront. It’s also worth noting that the indie developer of these titles, Otusun Club, also offer more games on their page, including a short but sweet interspecies romance visual novel.

Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

Steamy otomes: Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome

When it comes to R18+ steamy otomes, this one right here is often the first and most frequently recommended for English-speaking players. And for good reason — mostly for its humour, what with plenty of its endings playing up the hilarity of its scenarios with a total of seventeen joke endings, compared to just three “true” endings.

Starring a consistently, naturally funny and relatable wallflower heroine named Ema, its other unique selling point is how it is a slice of life comedy often regarded as an otome designed as a moege.

It’s nothing too deep in terms of plot and even its characters, but as the very first localised R18+ otome, exceptionally translated by Molly Lee, it’s a great start. It’s not like we ever see a “harem” ending concluding in a threesome in the genre after all. If anything, the only other example of such an event happening in an otome is under extremely dark circumstances. Anyone recall the Brothel route in OZMAFIA?

In any case, give this one a go, and for anyone who finds this one particularly enjoyable, be sure to see the developer’s other localised game that came out after: Fxxx Me Royally!! Horny Magical Princess.

Tailor Tales – Plus Version

Steamy otomes: Tailor Tales

Tailor Tales is the only indie otome on our list today, and it also happens to be a free game, although its explicit content is purchasable as paid DLC for each of its love interests’ sexy extended prologues. This also comes with an extended mid-episode and a side episode.

The game is currently a work in progress with seven routes planned in total, with four currently completed. The explicit DLC add-ons are currently only for three of the love interests – Neil, Dimitri and Caine. If you’re looking for more spice in the genre, you should definitely check this one out.

On Consoles

Diabolik Lovers

Steamy otomes: Diabolik Lovers

I do not believe for a second that anyone who is already a part of the otome scene would not expect this one to make the list. Famous for its shamelessly filthy love interests who each dip their toes in at least overly possessive if not yandere-like tendencies, Diabolik Lovers is a testament to how much Western audiences crave spicier titles.

The popularity of the title can be attributed to many reasons. From the insanely immersive, spine-chilling ASMR whispers from the talented voice actors to the very specific kinks within each route, Diabolik Lovers knows what it’s doing and I have to admit that it does it well — if it didn’t, why am I still thinking about it even now?

Despite how detestable most of its love interests are, the game provides plenty of filth through its kinks such as BDSM, masochism and sadism, with the latter two being actual scales for the latter part of the story. It also has a lot of uncomfortable themes, however, including coercion, bloodletting, humiliation, murder and abuse. The first “Bitch-chan” uttered by the character Laito is the least problematic moment of the title — you’ll know what I mean the further you go. You’ve been warned.

Olympia Soiree

Steamy otomes: Olympia Soiree

Olympia Soiree is as steamy as a Nintendo Switch exclusive otome can possibly go. With the game being based on the concept of its heroine finding a husband, she is completely innocent when it comes to anything related to romance due to her upbringing; she’s a shut-in for everything other than performing to ensure that the sun rises every day. That’s because without her existing as the very last “white” clan member (as shown by the colour of the characters’ eyes and hair), the sun will not rise.

She is therefore given an ultimatum — find a husband herself to carry on her nearly extinct bloodline, or be forced into marriage. There’s a purity element to the matchups in this way, and the end result of each romance, even by the mid-point of their romances, is a fade to black sex scene with the script being as suitable for 17+ as possible.

With our heroine’s monologues not shying away from her pining and awakening desires as she forms bonds and develops feelings for each of the love interests, Olympia Soiree is one of the spiciest, most blush-worthy steamy otomes on the console to date.

Kings of Paradise

Steamy otomes: Kings of Paradise

Mobile otomes tend to always be on the more descriptively explicit side, so you can safely bet that the ports of these games to Nintendo Switch make for some of the spiciest on the console ever.

Kings of Paradise is arguably the best example, considering how it sets up its heroine as an experienced divorcee. With her luck changing after a fateful run-in with her pompous and spiteful ex-husband and his new wife, she is whisked away by four attractive bachelors to show him exactly what he’s missing out on.

Said love interests have a way with words and lay it on thick, which is a good thing considering that there are no voice actors to sell the lines. Thankfully, the script does well to leave players in a blabbering mess. As a otome aimed at the older player for once, it’s much more mature considering all their ages, plus the focus on the heroine’s marital status and career.

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