Mobile Title Tales Of Crestoria Confirmed For The West!

I rank the Tales of franchise incredibly highly, perhaps allowing it to settle somewhere in the region of my top five gaming franchises of all time. So it stands to reasons that I would want to play everything that the series has to offer, and now I can with the announcement that the Japan-only mobile title, Tales of Crestoria, is coming to the West!


Announced on Twitter last week (embedded below), the reveal came with a fantastic concept trailer from Yasutaka Nakata x Kamikaze Douga! Tales of Crestoria is a brand new entry in the series for mobile, with original characters and no crossover with other titles, making it different than previous mobile titles in the series.



The story takes place in a yet unnamed world, in which those that are declared guilty are branded with the Mark of Sin, exposing them as sinners and rendering them as victims of the Executors, whose task it is to hunt down the sinners and dispense their punishment. The protagonist, Kanata Hjuger, finds himself branded and ostracised by society for the sin of protecting someone close to him.


Tales of Crestoria will release for iOS and Android in the West in 2019. Japan is getting a livestream broadcast on December 14 that will reveal more info on the game, and hopefully the release date or release window as well.


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