The best 3 Monster Musume girls

Monster Musume! Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what made this series pop into my head again recently, but whatever it was, it led to me re-reading some of the manga. And from all of this I discovered something — we need some monster girl appreciation around here! (Damn right we do – Your Monster Lovin’ Ed.)

Monster girls are an interesting one and most of the time I would say I’m not really into it — unless we classify catgirls as monsters in which case I’m definitely into it, but that’s beside the point. The point is that Monster Musume managed to give us some really interesting monster girls that I genuinely enjoyed as characters. And this is a Rice Digital piece so what else is there to do but decide on my definitive top 3 girls?

Top 3 Monster Musume Girls


First up has to be Centorea, or Cerea for short. She is the third member of Kimihito Kurusu’s household (harem) and she is a centaur girl. Cerea is quite the dignified girl who prides herself and being prim and proper, and will always put the needs of Kimihito above her own. 

This stems from her species, as centaurs are noble creatures who are honourable, chivalrous, and extremely loyal to those who they believe deserve it. In addition to this knightly mindset, she also speaks in a particularly archaic way. Even though she tries to maintain this dignified exterior, she is constantly battling for the affections of her beloved as the rest of the harem are quite extreme when it comes to showing just how much they love him. 

It would be an understatement to say that Cerea comes well equipped when it comes to her assets — she’s seriously packing. While not my number 1 girl of the series, Cerea is definitely one of my favourites, and earns a well-deserved spot in my top 3.

Top 3 Monster Musume Girls


Honestly, I didn’t think I would like Suu as much as I did, but this character really grows on you throughout the series to the point where here she is, number 2 on my list. Suu is the fourth girl to join the harem and she is a slime girl — one of the species in the series that is still thought of as being fictional, apart from by those who have actually met one.

In her original form, Suu is simply just a large mass of blue slime with a mass of green “hair” topped off with yellow tips. Suu, and presumably her fellow slimes, have the unique ability to be able to change their shape however they see fit. As a result, Suu usually maintains her human-looking form to make life a bit easier for her and those around her. 

Suu definitely wouldn’t be my usual choice, but her abilities as a slime girl are extremely cute to me. When she’s dehydrated, she can shrink into a puddle of slime just big enough to fill a bucket, however, should she have a water source available, Suu can transform into one hell of an ara ara~ looking onee-san.

Top 3 Monster Musume Girls


And it’s here that I start to wonder how exactly people will respond to my choice of number 1 girl in Monster Musume — because, for me, it’s none other than spider onee-san Rachnera. Rachnera is the sixth member of Kimihito’s harem and she is a spider girl. Before living with Kimihito, Rachnera lived with another host family that, due to their fear of her, sold her off to some who sought to make money from her webbing.

This left Rachnera with a hatred for humans, but this all changed when she met our main man Kimihito. Kimihito was living with numerous monster girls by this point, so the thought of ever discriminating against one was a completely foreign thought to him. This genuine and caring side of him is what managed to soften Rachnera, leading her to want to live with him.

From this point on Rachera has maintained a maximum offensive approach to gaining Kimihito’s affections, as out of all the girls living in Kmihito’s household, Rachnera is 100% the most self-aware when it comes to her sex-appeal and seductive personality, and she is not afraid of showing it.

She had a rough start due to her appearances but she managed to turn it all around thanks to the help of one kind person. Maybe it’s the high levels of mature ara ara~ energy that Rachnera has, or perhaps the way she is constantly mooning all of us, regardless she is without a doubt my favorite girl in Monster Musume. Fight me. 

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