Free! Movies are Making a Splash in 2017

Kyoto Animation’s Free! is getting three new movies later this year consisting of two compilations and one all-new original movie! The new movie, –Take Your Marks-, will take place in Spring right before the main cast graduate from high school and onto bigger things. I know I’m excited for Free! movies!


free! movies

The other two Free! movies, Kizuna and Yakusoku, combine to create –Timeless Memory– and recap the story until the point of -Take Your Marks-, along with some brand new, never-before-seen content to freshen them up a little.



Kizuna launches next month on the 22nd followed by Yakusoku on 1st July. –Take Your Marks– will release later this Winter. As a big Free! fan, I’m excited to be getting more new content!

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