What happens when girls dress up as Mario?

I like Mario. I also like girls. When you put both together I’ll admit, I feel somewhat…. conflicted. And then, when no one is in the office, I go completely nuts and hit google image search and then just stare at the pictures of girls dressed as Mario and tell myself over and over it’s okay to do so – that it’s perfectly normal.



Once, after going to the coffee machine for a nice hot chocolate, I came back to my desk to find one of the cleaners looking at my screen and shaking her head in disgust. So I stole one of my co-workers wallets, put it in her locker and then phoned security to get her fired. When I left the office the next day, I saw her out on the pavement crying. I felt bad about that.


So I went home and looked at more pictures of girls dressed as Mario. I felt better then. If a little dirty. But at least there was only a little residual guilt left over from intentionally getting someone fired. Anyway – I’m getting of the point of this whole post – which is girls dressed up like Mario




This one is from Facebook cosplayer Enji Night. 



Not sure if this effort from cosplay couture will see much platforming action in those heels. You stomp on anything wearing those things and you’re asking for trouble. And a trip to the hospital.



This understated effort from Diane Marie Sabandeja is, frankly, gorgeous…



Last year’s Gamescom had possibly one of my favourites from Nightmare Luffy.



I’ll admit, while TeamCTF’s pic sure is nice… there’s a fine line between a nice Mario girl cosplay, and just a pretty girl who happens to be wearing something red and something blue. This is borderline.



This one comes courtesy of Kira Hokuten – and proves without a doubt it’s definitely not the costume which makes a Mario cosplayer attractive…



Oh my! Mother? Is that you… ?! I’m so sorry… how did this end up here… I… oh god


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