3 Brilliant Otome Hidden Gems on Steam

Otome games are available on many different platforms, from consoles, to handhelds, to mobile devices, and Steam store, it being the place to go for a plethora of hidden gems. Here we hope to cover a few otome games available only on PC and purchasable through Steam, all at very attractive price points while also serving up a brilliant story to sink an evening’s time into or a whole weekend’s worth.

Never Give Up!

Never Give Up! is a very affordable investment for over 7+ hours of game time at only £1.99. This otome title seamlessly mashes together a detective story with romance for an entertaining ‘whodunnit’ mystery. Players have a choice of three romanceable options, from the detective, to your classmate, or your childhood friend. The game has 12 endings, and is chock full of wonderful illustrations and CG’s, with a professional and clean production. It will only take a day to finish all routes, but for such a small price, it offers an intriguing premise and delivers an exceptional original setting and mystery, alongside natural relationship building progression and cute coupling you can expect from an otome title.


At a higher price point compared to Never give up! (£19.49), this is understandable, as the run time of Demonheart can take up to 25 hours to complete its three routes. This does not even take into account the many dead ends players will unintentionally run into. Demonheart is a grittier otome unlike the genre’s usually light-hearted titles, featuring the main character, Bright, having to assess everyone she meets to determine who she can trust in this harsh world where aligning yourself with anyone could be your saving grace, or your worst nightmare.

Set in a dark fantasy world rich with lore and deep characters, the player alignment system opens up the possibility of different relationships to form throughout the story, from romances, to love-hate relationships. This is done by the player’s selections that always affects two scales, good/evil and tactful/defiant, both shaping Bright’s personality. The replay value on this title alone is worth the investment, as not all secrets will be revealed on the initial play-through, and Bright’s personality will develop in four different ways depending on your choices.


Cinders is an alternative, darker take on the fairy tale Cinderella that reads as completely original even when you know its source of inspiration. Its focus is on the development of its four leading ladies, Cinders, her stepmother, and two stepsisters. With many of its choices always leading to different outcomes, there is a lot of replayability in venturing back into earlier key decisive points for more story progression and revelations. In fact, there is over 120 of these decision making points, and 300 choices! This can take you up to 15 hours to obtain all its achievements for a full price of £14.99.

Much like Demonheart, Cinders’ strengths isn’t only in its clever and mature story, but also how each important choice selection shapes Cinders’ personality, providing even more initiative to unlock more routes. Cinders also has a mesmerizing original soundtrack, and gorgeous art unique to its name. For those who enjoy a thoroughly interesting story with brilliantly fleshed out characters, with a bit of romance sprinkled on top as a sweet bonus, Cinders will not disappoint you.

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