6 more of the best sexy Nintendo Switch games

Good afternoon. Looking at our site statistics, it’s abundantly clear what you all like: sexy Nintendo Switch games. So given that our last article on the subject was written over a year ago, I figured it’s probably high time we revisited the subject and picked out a few more worthwhile contenders for fanservice-fuelled fun.

So, then, I’m sure you don’t need any further preamble from me: let’s just dive straight in to six sexy Nintendo Switch games, for the sake of your pleasure!

Gal*Gun Double Peace

Sexy Nintendo Switch games: Gal*Gun Double Peace

The Gal*Gun series as a whole is a worthwhile inclusion in any self-respecting fanservice enthusiast’s library, but my personal favourite of the lot is the first we got here in the west: Gal*Gun Double Peace. Now that this game is available on Nintendo Switch, you can now enjoy the whole Gal*Gun series at home or on the go — and you can even get your hands on an exceedingly lovely boxed set containing all three games plus some bonus goodies thanks to our pals at Funstock.

For the unfamiliar, Gal*Gun Double Peace combines elements of rail shooter, visual novel and dating sim as you attempt to guide protagonist Houdai through a particularly eventful day in his school life. Being hit by an angel’s arrow 32 times more powerful than it was supposed to be, he is suddenly irresistible to the opposite sex — with the downside to this situation being that it will only last for a single day, and if he doesn’t find true love in that time he’ll be doomed to a lifetime alone.

Noteworthy not just for its sexy scenes but also for its heartfelt narrative, wonderful characters and excellent gameplay, Gal*Gun Double Peace is an essential purchase if you don’t already have it in your library, and one of the best sexy Nintendo Switch games out there.

Pick it up from the eShop here or order yourself a physical Horny Trinity edition here.


Sexy Nintendo Switch games: Fingun

Shoot ’em ups and sexytimes are, we’ve apparently discovered over the years, two great tastes that go wonderfully together, and as such there are plenty of enjoyably silly, sexy shoot ’em ups out there to enjoy. One of the more recent releases in this regard is Fingun, a shoot ’em up that concentrates entirely on ridiculous boss fights against a variety of sexy pixel art enemies.

Drawing some inspiration from Konami’s Sexy Parodius, Fingun is not a game that takes itself the slightest bit seriously, but that is 100% fine with us, since sexy Nintendo Switch games are made to be enjoyed, not thought about in too much detail. It’s got a great soundtrack, some well-designed boss encounters and excellent gameplay — plus it’s cheap! — so it’s definitely worth adding to your collection if you haven’t already.

Pick it up from the eShop here.

Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy

Sexy Nintendo Switch games: Waifu Discovered 2

The original Waifu Uncovered, which we highlighted last time around as one of the best sexy Nintendo Switch games, was an excellent shoot ’em up that just happened to involve naked ladies. Sequel Waifu Discovered 2 is more of the same, but polished to a fine sheen with refined mechanics, better artwork (designed on a medieval fantasy theme, as the name suggests), more secrets to discover and plenty of longevity.

This is absolutely way more than a gimmicky shooter with naked anime ladies; this is a genuinely excellent game that is well worth spending some time with. It’s also got a killer soundtrack that you’ll want to turn up loud.

For the truly dedicated enjoyer of saucy shenanigans, Waifu Discovered 2, much like its predecessor, has a physical release from Funbox Media that includes fully uncensored artwork. It’s somewhat pricier than buying the digital version, but you do get it in a nice slipcase to proudly display on your shelf, plus some glossy (and thus, one would assume, wipe-clean) double-sided art cards featuring the characters from the game in various states of undress.

Pick it up from the eShop here, or nab the physical version here.

Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars

Sexy Nintendo Switch games: Neptunia x Senran Kagura: Ninja Wars

Both the Neptunia and Senran Kagura series are arguably a little less overtly “sexy” — or perhaps I should say “sexual” — than some other games, but both series boast key artists with an incredible appreciation of the curvaceous female form, and some of the most delightful, loveable characters in all of gaming.

This action RPG take on the series is one of the best Neptunia spin-off games there has been for a long time, and the Senran Kagura girls, while arguably a little under-used in narrative terms, fit nicely in with both the light-hearted yet earnest nature of the Neptunia girls, and the hack-and-slash gameplay of the title as a whole. There’s no need to be deeply immersed in either series to “get it”, either; it’s simply a fun time for both franchises’ newcomers and their existing fans.

Pick it up from the eShop here, or snag the gorgeous limited edition from Idea Factory International while they last.

Seven Pirates H

Sexy Nintendo Switch games: Seven Pirates H

There was a time when no-one thought Compile Heart’s “Genkai Tokki” series of saucy RPGs would ever make it west, and now we have all of them. Even better, we have them on Switch rather than Vita, meaning we can easily enjoy them both on the big screen and on the go.

Seven Pirates H eschews the “gridder” dungeon-crawling of its two predecessors Moero Chronicle and Moero Crystal, instead providing an experience more akin to Compile Heart’s more, for want of a better word, “conventional” RPGs. That means you’ll be exploring field maps, gathering items, beating up monsters and gradually working your way through a linear plot.

Also the way you massage the main characters’ breasts determines how their level-ups benefit them, so there’s that, too. Truly, this is one of the sauciest sexy Nintendo Switch games to date. We’ll have a more in-depth look at this one soon — I’m just waiting for my copy to arrive!

Pick it up from the eShop here, or order the Asia-English physical release from Play-Asia here.

Super Bullet Break

Sexy Nintendo Switch games: Super Bullet Break

Okay, this one’s not out yet, but we’ve had the good fortune to play an early version and it’s already clear it should be an absolute no-brainer of a purchase for any enthusiast of sexy Nintendo Switch games.

A lazier critic might describe it as “Slay the Spire with anime tiddies”, but you won’t catch me doing that. Nope; this is a deckbuilding card game based around acquiring “Bullet” characters, each of whom have their own unique abilities that are unleashed when you “play” them. Using your Bullets, you’ll battle your way through several virtual games, recruiting their characters along the way — and making use of mechanics unique to each of those games.

Like any self-respecting card game, Super Bullet Break features absolutely gorgeous (and super-sexy) character art contributed by a range of different artists, really giving it that “gacha” feel without ever once demanding that you reach for your credit card. There’s an absolute shedload of characters to unlock and events to discover, and the game’s main stages all provide their own interesting twists on the basic formula, making for plenty of longevity. This has the potential to be one of the all-time best sexy Nintendo Switch games when it arrives later in the year!

Find out more about Super Bullet Break and preorder it here.

All right, that’s your lot. Grab yourself some snacks and plenty of tissues (to clean up any mess from the snacks, obviously) and settle down with one or more of these and you’re in for a thoroughly fun evening. Longer, even — ’cause not only are these all great sexy Nintendo Switch games, they’ve all got it where it counts when it comes to gameplay, too. So enjoy without shame! We certainly are!

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