Anime Gift Ideas – 2019

Whether you’re a fan of anime yourself, or you’re looking to buy some gifts for someone who is, we’ve put together this guide of our best anime gift ideas to help you out. This list only includes very mainstream anime merch, so it should cover your bases, if not, it will give you some good ideas to work with!


One Piece Manga Box Set


anime gift ideas One piece manga


One of the most popular and long-running manga and anime series in Japan, One Piece follows Monkey D Luffy and his adventures on the ocean. This is a fun read with some emotional moments, and there’s no better place to start than the beginning!


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Replica Death Note Notebook


anime gift ideas death note



This one basically writes itself – it’s the Death Note, from ‘Death Note’. This replica notebook is a recreation of the spooky book used by Light Yagami to control the deaths of those around him. This may or may not come with an apple-loving Shinigami.



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Anime Hoodies


anime gift ideas hoodie



There are countless anime-themed hoodies out there, we could make pages and pages of them to show here. Some are better than others though, and we love this Goku design. If you follow the link, you’ll see a range of anime covered by this seller alone.


Buy it on Amazon UK here:



Naruto Socks


anime gift ideas Naruto socks


A classic stocking filler, or great for a little extra gift, socks! Naruto is another one of the most popular series over in Japan and here in the West – so it’s a safe bet that an anime fan will appreciate these socks.



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Dragon Ball Shot Glasses


anime gift ideas dragon ball shot glasses


For a slightly older anime fan, pick up some Dragon Ball themed shot glasses, featuring various famous logo’s and imagery from the anime.


Buy them on Amazon UK here:



Wall Scrolls


anime gift ideas wall scrolls



Similar to hoodies, you can find thousands of these wall scrolls online, with at least one for pretty much every anime. The one featured is a wall scroll featuring characters from My Hero Academia, an extremely popular shounen anime and manga.


Buy it on Amazon UK here:



Dragon Ball Z Heat Up Mug


anime gift ideas mug



Perfect for the winter months, and why not all year round? This mug features Goku from Dragon Ball Z, squatting, when it’s cold. Add in a hot drink however and you’ll see Goku performing a Kaio-ken. Magic.



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Video Games


anime gift ideas persona



Last but not least, why not gift some video games? Of course, there are hundreds to choose from, but we’ve listed a few of our favourites below to get you started.


Persona 5

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Blazblue Cross Tag Battle


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Kingdom Hearts 3


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Pokemon Sword and Shield


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