Anime Standing Is Literally Just Waifu Death Stranding

 Anime Standing Is Literally Just Waifu Death Stranding

So I was browsing through some VERY NORMAL sections of Steam today and came across what could possibly be the GOTY – it’s called Anime Standing.

If the name Anime Standing seems familiar, that’s because it’s a quite obvious play on Hideo Kojima’s most recent game in the Strand genre, Death Stranding. In said game, you play as Norman Reedus, or Sam Porter Bridges, if you want to be specific – and you basically just walk around delivering boxes. For the record, I love it. But I’m a Kojima shill.

Now, we see the second game in the Strand genre revealed. Anime Standing is an incredibly short (and cheap) game on Steam that sees you control a cute anime girl in a barren world, where you deliver boxes. But here’s the best part: the game includes a version of Tesla’s ridiculous Cybertruck. Perfection.

The game also comes with an 18+ DLC for all you cultured people out there who would prefer the main character to be wearing less clothes than she already is. It’s worth nothing that the game has a soundtrack that is actually rather good – so it may be worth giving it a try for that alone.

Check out some Anime Standing gameplay:

Anime Standing is developed by Konnichiwa Games and is currently on sale on Steam for just 55p.

Go support the Strand genre… and waifus.

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