Ridiculous Demon Slayer Rip-Off Game Shut Down

 Ridiculous Demon Slayer Rip-Off Game Shut Down

With the ongoing popularity of Demon Slayer, or Kimetsu no Yaiba, it was always likely that somebody was going to try and get on the bandwagon. Enter, Kisatsu no Tsurugi, or Sword of Demon Slaying, the quite obvious Demon Slayer rip-off.

Kisatsu no Tsurugi stars main protagonist, Tatsuya. Tatsuya’s family has been killed by demons and he’s out for revenge, sound familiar?

The mobile game was developed by South Korean developer Ten-Nine, and featured pretty much the exact same story and character designs as Demon Slayer, as you can see in the tweets below.

The game has been removed after 5 days on the App Store in Japan – but according to Game Meca, the developers are denying accusations of plagiarism.

If you’re looking for an actual Demon Slayer game, you’re in luck! One is on the way for PS4.

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