‘Basic development and scenario production’ already complete for Final Fantasy XVI

Modern Final Fantasy games are infamous for their long development cycles, and for being announced many years too early. However, it looks like Final Fantasy XVI might be bucking this trend.

As discovered by Japanese site Game’s Talk, Square Enix have a recruitment page up for Final Fantasy XVI, in which they share an interesting piece of information about the game’s current development progress.

Final Fantasy XVI recruitment page translation via Gematsu:

We have already completed basic development and scenario production, and are continuing to create large-scale resources and build boss battles while expanding our various development tools. Also, most of our staff are carrying out their work remotely.

While this obviously means that there’s still a good amount of work to be done, it’s a promising sign for the recently revealed project. We’ll probably still have to wait until 2022 for Final Fantasy XVI’s release, but things are already looking better than with the troubled development of Final Fantasy XV.

Thanks again to Game’s Talk and Gematsu for the info!

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