Final Fantasy XV Magic & Stealth the Topic of Next Active Time Report

As we’ve mentioned many times Final Fantasy XV is being much looked forward to in Castle Rice, for a variety of reasons. It’s tough to believe it’s coming, but luckily Square Enix keep us abreast with their Active Time Report updates, the next of which will focus on Final Fantasy XV magic & stealth.




This Sunday, 31st January 2016, Square Enix will be putting out the next instalment of Active Time Report, where Hajime Tabata and global marketing manager, Akio Ofuji, update fans on the game and talk about key features. It’s pretty cool to see them do it in this way, and it feels kind of nice.




This time they will be focusing on how the magic and stealth mechanics will work in the game. They’ll be showing off some new video, and also expanding on the Niflheim Empire, who seem to be the game’s “bad guys”.


fire_1453761218 Final Fantasy XV Magic


The Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report will also give some more information on the next Final Fantasy XV event of March 2016. Don’t forget to tune in!


magitek_armor_1453761219 Final Fantasy XV Magic

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