Final Fantasy XVI delayed due to pandemic, new info coming Spring 2022

Final Fantasy XVI producer Naoki Yoshida has released a statement on Final Fantasy XVI’s development, detailing some of the issues faced due to the ongoing pandemic.

Yoshida mentions that communication issues arising from the shift to home working for many of the staff led to delays and cancellation of assets. These complications have led to the game’s development being delayed by almost half a year.

This also meant that new information, which was originally intended to be shared during 2021, has also been delayed until next year.

According to the statement, the impact of the pandemic on development of Final Fantasy XVI should be lessened by 2022, with the next big reveal now planned for Spring.

Delays are nothing new to the Final Fantasy series — Final Fantasy XV essentially took 10 years to release after its initial reveal as Versus XIII — though the situation here is a little different. Final Fantasy XVI didn’t have a release window when it was announced anyway, and it’s looking increasingly likely that we could be waiting until 2023 at the earliest before it launches for PS5.

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