Otoko Cross gets a physical release after “several minor miracles”

Good news, fans of crossdressing anime boys! The first two entries in eastasiasoft’s otokonoko-themed casual game series, Otoko Cross, have been confirmed for a physical Nintendo Switch release via FunBox Media. And, as with FunBox’s previous releases of other lewd games such as Zoo Corporation’s Pretty Girls series or the Waifu Uncovered titles, this version of the game will feature full, uncensored content. That means big floppy otokonoko dicks for everyone to enjoy!

Eastasiasoft’s project lead Joshua Michael French, who has been instrumental in the company’s sterling work in bringing quality lewd games to both English-speaking audiences and collectors of physical games, noted that this release took “several minor miracles” and that he “[doesn’t] know if it can ever happen again”, so encourages fans of the series to support this release and show that there’s demand for this sort of thing.

Otoko Cross: Naked Remix

FunBox’s European physical releases of lewd games featuring uncensored content relates to them following the PEGI rating system, which is more permissive of nudity and sexual content under its “18” rating than the Mature 17+ commonly used at the “top” rating by the ESRB in the US.

The ESRB does actually have an 18+ Adults Only or “AO” rating available for developers and publishers to use, but most are reluctant to make use of it, as back in the days when brick-and-mortar game stores were more important to the industry than they are now, an AO rating was seen as a kiss of death for a new release, as most retailers would simply refuse to stock it.

Consequently, outside of sexually explicit games specifically developed for the adult market, most developers and publishers have deliberately shied away from pursuing an ESRB AO rating for as long as ESRB ratings have been a thing. Both eastasiasoft and FunBox Media have found working with PEGI rather than the ESRB to be a reasonably reliable means of getting genuinely adult games onto the console market — and, to date, Nintendo don’t appear to have had a problem with it either, since these are all officially licensed boxed Switch releases.

Otoko Cross is a notably different situation from previous 18+ releases by FunBox, however, in that the games feature penises rather than breasts and vaginas. Traditionally, breasts and vaginas have been much easier to get past various forms of media ratings boards than anything involving penises — particularly if said penises are erect — and so Otoko Cross successfully managing to score an 18 PEGI rating with big dangly knobs present and correct is a noteworthy achievement. It’s also understandable why French is skeptical as to whether or not it will ever be able to happen again!

Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire

The two Otoko Cross games, while not offering anything remarkably new in terms of gameplay over their Pretty Girls equivalents, are solid casual games worth having in your collection, and French and company took great pains to add some additional characterisation to the new characters with extensive profiles. While Zoo’s Pretty Girls series draws its cast from the company’s library of erotic visual novels, the Otoko Cross cast are all-original, giving French and his team the freedom to play up some popular tropes and tastes.

Otoko Cross: Naked Remix, as the physical release is called, will set you back £34.99, include a free touchscreen stylus, and will be available from June 30, 2023. It’s available for preorder now over at FunBox Media, so if you want to support the continued release of packaged lewd games for Nintendo Switch, put your money where your mouth is and nab yourself a copy sooner rather than later!

If you’d like to know more about the two games in this collection, check out our previous articles on Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire and Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Klondike Solitaire. And watch out for the latest entry Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys BreakUp! on PC soon.

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