Our 3 best short-haired anime girls

There are waifus out there for every preference, but there is always something fun about the short-haired anime girls. Often they are full of pep and energy, ready to take on any challenge and rise to any occasion. It seems like every anime, JRPG and visual novel has at least one, so there are so many to choose from.

Sometimes the tomboy, sometimes the flirt, sometimes just here to kick butt, these are my top short-haired anime girls.

Jiro (My Hero Academia)

Jiro, one of many short-haired anime girls

My Hero Academia is one of the biggest names in anime at the moment for a number of reasons, including the interesting cast of characters with unique designs and powers. With so many characters to pay attention to, it is easy to forget about Jiro. With her stern demeanour, alt-scene design, and situational quirk, she certainly isn’t as bubbly as Mina and doesn’t get as much screen time as Ochako, but Jiro is still one of my favourite short-haired anime girls.

Not only does she have the force of will to keep Kaminari in line and focused on the task at hand, she manages to pull of the punk rock look without resorting to just shouting at people all the time. Add in the fact that she performed one of my favourite songs from last year and it’s a no-brainer to include her in this list. I spent most of my teen years chasing girls just like Jiro, so I might be a bit biased, of course. (Some say they’re still running to this day – Ed.)

Chie (Persona 4)

Chie, one of many short-haired anime girls

I’ve talked before about how Persona 4 has a wealth of waifus to choose from. In fact, there are no wrong answers about who to romance, but Chie is certainly one of the more right answers you can give to that question. She is the classic trope of the short-haired anime girl. Athletic, full of energy, and a huge fan of cheesy kung fu movies, Chie is ready to jump into any danger if it means helping her friends.

Above everything else, this founding member of the Investigation Team is a defender of the helpless, even when it gets her in over her head. You’d be hard pressed to find someone more loyal than Chie. When the chips are down and an ancient, undead goddess tries to spread her evil fog across the world, you’re gonna want this short-haired anime girl in your corner.

Videl (Dragon Ball)

Videl, one of many short-haired anime girls

Videl could top a lot of anime lists, including Characters with Wasted Potential with the way that she got Toriyama-ed as soon as Gohan put a baby in her, but that doesn’t stop her from being one of the best parts of the series post-Cell. Her desire to train and learn more about this new level of martial arts takes us back to some of the best arcs of early Dragon Ball. I would have loved to see her change and evolve, eventually reaching the levels of at least Krillin or Tien, but Toriyama had other plans, like forgetting about Videl in favour of more Goku screen time.

Now, a lot of folks are going to argue that Videl peaked with her pigtails look and that is a valid opinion even if it is wrong. And here is why. First, that much hair is impractical for fighting, especially with the tournament coming up. Second, the haircut makes her stand out next to the other characters. Third, if she didn’t get her hair cut, I couldn’t include her on this list of short-haired anime girls.

Do you have a favourite short-haired anime girl that didn’t make this list? Want to tell us all about it? Check us out on our usual socials below!

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