Persona Q Pre-Orders Now with Free Chie’s Badge Set & Teddie Key Ring

When we first started taking pre-orders for the rather excellent looking Etrian Odyssey-like Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth we were lucky enough to be able to offer the second half of the Persona tarot card set with each order. Unfortunately due to such high demand we’ve had to stop taking tarot card pre-orders. But that’s not to say we’re out of goodies completely.


A lot of retailers have had to hold up their tarot card Persona Q pre-orders because they were made in such limited quantity. It’s no secret that we’ve been taking a lot of Persona Q pre-orders on the Rice Digital store, so it only made sense that we would run out eventually. It breaks our heart that some people who wanted the cards will no longer be able to get them from us, but we hope most people managed to pre-order in time! We thought about doing pre-orders for the game on its own, but that just wouldn’t feel right…




Instead, we decided to offer a new pre-order for Persona Q which now includes a free Chie’s Badge Set and a Teddie Key Ring. Now you too can be the height of fashion among your Persona friends. You can wear those badges proudly on your jacket, and dangle that key ring from your magnificent keys as you stroll the town to your local Junes. In your pocket is your 3DS, collecting street passes as you go your merry way.


Street Passers will check your Mii once they have returned home or stopped for a lonely coffee and think “that must have been the awesome Persona person I saw earlier”. The cartridge in your 3DS? Persona Q itself, naturally, as given away by your most recently played game history on Street Pass. It goes without saying your Persona Q pre-order was placed with us, of course.




That’s right. We can safely say we are no longer selling Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth the video game. We are now selling Persona Q: Shadow of the Laybyrinth the lifestyle. Don’t look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want to be involved. I have a Teddie key ring myself. He keeps my keys safe from Shadows. I wouldn’t be able to get into my house without those keys. Do you want to get into your house? Of course you do.


We hope if you missed out on the tarot cards then this will be enough of a consolation to make you feel happy about pre-ordering! Every day’s great at your Rice Digital store!



If it’s the first set of Persona tarot cards you’re after then you’re still in luck! Our pre-orders of our exclusive Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Fan Edition are still going strong. The Fan Edition comes with the game, the first set of tarot cards, and also a Junes t-shirt, as voted for by the Rice Digital Community, exclusive to Rice Digital. Pre-order it here!



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