How to Play Akiba’s Trip Festa Outside of Japan – It’s Free & Fun!

You probably already noticed but we’re big fans of Akiba’s Trip (and the upcoming Akiba’s Beat)! You might know about the PSP game, and the Vita/PS3/PS4/PC Akiba’s Trip (that’s the one that came west). But did you know there’s a third game in Japan on PC/Android? Here’s how to play Akiba’s Trip Festa outside Japan!


Don’t worry, I’ll be covering not just how to access the game, but the basic fundamentals of how the game works too!


Get onto DMM

Akiba’s Trip Festa is a brand new game in the Akiba’s Trip series! Designed for mobile, it can be played on either Android or PC via DMM, one of Japan’s biggest digital game distributors and storefronts. The official Akiba’s Trip Festa website has some information, or you can view it directly on DMM to play it, or download the DMM storefront onto Android (from their website).


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! 1 Bell
Me, open kissing your mouth with my delicious knowledge of how to play Japanese games.


You can play as a Guest, or on Android pretty easily

You can play in-browser as a “guest” no problem, but it only lets you play the first chapter of the game. This is a nice taster, but will potentially waste any awesome gacha pulls you make! So be careful! You can create an account on DMM as a westerner pretty easily, but it will block you from accessing some of the games, including Akiba’s Trip Festa, if you do that. However 1) it seems that you can get around this by just accessing it on mobile 2) you can trick your browser into thinking you’re from somewhere else.


Playing on the DMM website outside of Japan

So, as long as you get your browser to think you’re from somewhere else it should work fine. Now, I’m not going to suggest you do anything shady, but there are a couple of options you could take potentially if, in theory, you wanted to browse “from somewhere else”.


Use a VPN to appear in Japan

This is an easy choice, but will slow down your internet quite a lot if you use a free one.


Alter the cookie settings on the page

DMM just checks cookie settings to determine location. If you wanted to (and I don’t necessarily recommend it), you can change this easily in Google Chrome by pasting a few commands into the Console, though you may need to do this when you turn your computer back on later (save it to a notepad or bookmark this page!).


Input the below code on the main game page for Akiba’s Beat Festa (well, you know, if you were going to do it that is hypothetically what you would have to do — theoretically). Right Click > Inspect Element > Console. Then, hit enter, refresh, and bam!


Code starts here:

document.cookie = “ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/”;
document.cookie = “ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;domain=;path=/”;
document.cookie = “ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/netgame/”;
document.cookie = “ckcy=1;expires=Sun, 09 Feb 2019 09:00:09 GMT;;path=/”;


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! 2 Bell
Bell is just the beginning — you can add 23 girls to your team (6 returning from Akiba’s Trip 2)


DMM saves your progress to your account

This will also allow you to access other DMM games! Now simply logging in and accessing your game will allow you to continue with your save. This carries seamlessly between playing in-browser, and on the app! Once you’ve installed the storefront on your phone and logged in, finding your recent game should be pretty easy, where you’ll then be able to install Akiba’s Trip Festa and hop right in via your DMM account!



So what kind of game is Akiba’s Trip Festa anyway?

It’s essentially a series of 3-on-3 fights, where you progress through each mission in between story segments. You can obtain new team members and stat-changing costumes via gacha rolls. Structurally it’s similar to the likes of Fire Emblem Heroes. In game combat is like a strategy-based version of Akiba’s Trip’s usual combat. It’s a lot of fun!


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! 3 victory
Yep, you do a JoJo pose when you win.


What’s the plot?

The battle between the Akiba Freedom Fighters and the vampires from the previous games has become an urban legend. So much so that Akihabara now hosts a festival in their honour, during which undressing battles take place. Ample excuse to get stripping. But it’s all in good fun, right? Not so much. The protagonist chances upon a vampire, Bell, at the beginning of the game, and ends up becoming her vassal. They must try to recover Bell’s lost memories, all while avoiding being stripped. If a vampire’s skin touches daylight too much they’ll die, so these good humoured fights end up becoming life and death for you and Bell!


As well as Bell, you can meet 22 other girls that can join your team — via gacha rolls, of course. 6 of these return from Akiba’s Trip 2, which was released in the west as simply Akiba’s Trip!


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! 4 Momo


How do the battles work?

Battles are 3-on-3, but you can carry around a team of 5, with an extra person from a “friend” (another player) joining you on a per-mission basis (this is more like Final Fantasy Brave Exvius or Mobius Final Fantasy, though it’s pretty common in these games). These can then be tagged in to replace the forward 3 members.


You simply click and drag to move characters around the arena, and can tap their heads to unleash powerful moves when their SP is full. If you can knock down opponents and keep them there your finisher meter will rise — hitting it unleashes the strip. Pull off all three at once for maximum points, and a Doki-Doki Mode-esque final scene (check below for it!).


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! 5 battle
Let the battle begin.


Is it still lewd?

Yes. Very much so. Maybe more so. These have impact. Don’t worry, boys are still available.


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! Doki


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! wtf


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! tmi






Akiba 8a_zpsqoroz6ul


Enjoy Playing Akiba’s Trip Festa!

Don’t give up the dream!


How to Play Akiba's Trip Festa Outside of Japan - It's Free & Fun! Key Art


What’s next for the Akiba’s series?

Acquire still love Akihabara, of course! They’re taking a little break from the action packed Akiba’s Trip series to try something a little different with Akiba’s Beat. It’s still set in Akihabara, with some new characters, but it’s more of a JRPG type of game that sees your journeying through the delusions of other Akiba residents. Check it out, and support Acquire’s love letters to Akiba! It’d be great to see Festa come west, or for a brand new Akiba’s Trip in the future, and that’s only going to be possible by continuing to support the dev’s western outreaches!




Also, watch the Akiba’s Trip anime, because the animation is super cool.




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