Watch Ryo Hazuki give Lan Di the beatdown while pretending it’s Shenmue 3

Imagine a world where Ryo Hazuki comes home to find Lan Di pushing his Dad around and asking about some mirror – and then Ryo just totally beats the shit out of him. That would be cool, in that it would mean Shenmue never happened – so we woudn’t have to suffer the agonising torture of the last 12 years.


It would also be a world where Ryo is kind of a cocky douchebag. So no, that wouldn’t be cool. That wouldn’t be cool at all.


Why not just watch this Dead or Alive 5 Mod where they’ve replaced some costumes – and squint so you can’t see the names under the health bars and then get so drunk that you forget yourself and believe you’re watching the finale of Shenmue 3.


Happy days everyone!





Shenmue 3_1



shenmue 3



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