Six of the top 2022 JRock albums

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There are plenty of people who will argue that streaming music is slowly killing the concept of the album, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in the JRock world. Plenty of artists have put out amazing collections over the past year, giving fans something beyond a few singles to sink their teeth into. To celebrate them, here is my list of the top 2022 JRock albums.

For this article, I’ll be including both LPs, which are traditional albums, and EPs, which are typically a single with other songs to back them up.

Six of the top 2022 JRock albums

You’ll find some familiar faces on this list, as well as a couple of albums that might have slipped under your radar.

The Volcanoes by BRADIO

Bradio the volcanoes top 2022 jrock albums

Any time BRADIO puts out new music, it is going to go to the top of my playlist. Frisbee is a killer track that exemplifies what this funky band does best. It is cool, smooth, and fills the heart with joy whenever it comes on. The other songs on this EP put this firmly on my list of top 2022 JRock albums, with the title track letting Takaaki’s vocals ooze with charm and substance. Every song here is one to be savoured.

Super Champon by Otokobe Beaver

Punk music needs to have two things – lots of energy and something to say. Super Champon has both of those. It feels like classic punk, with 18 tracks totalling just 21 minutes together. Each track is exploding with energy and embraces the simplicity of chaos but not without sacrificing the band’s message. There is an artistry here that shouldn’t be denied and an energy that warms my old punk heart.

Bohemia by Oreskaband

No list of my top 2022 JRock albums is going to be complete without a bit of ska. The sign of the best albums is when you don’t want to skip any of the songs on them. Bohemia is one of the best examples of this. From start to finish, every song stands up on its own. The effortlessly cool She is my personal favourite, but Arco is dramatic and empowering, Stormy is smooth as anything, and Wonder Neighbor is just good fun. Ska is a wonderful genre when it remembers to have fun and that’s what Oreskaband has accomplished here.

Aegis of Athene by Bridear

Bridear is a band that snuck onto my radar earlier this year, mostly on the back of this album. Determination is easily one of my favourite tracks of the year, but several noteworthy songs show off the variety of influences behind this band. What works so well in this album is the narrative that weaves its way through the tracks. Rather than feeling like a collection of songs put together, there is cohesion in how the tracks work with each other. From Side of a Bullet through to Road, this is easily one of our top 2022 JRock albums.

Unleash by Band-Maid

This EP is short but manages to showcase the incredible talent of Band-Maid. Influencer gives us one of the best guitar solos in a career built on guitar solos, but it also shows off Misa’s remarkable skills on the bass. Their newest video from Unleash, from now on, strips back the vocals that many fans focus on and gives us a perfect instrumental track, while the titular single celebrates the hard rock that plays off the band’s image wonderfully.

Odoru yo ni by Polkadot Stingray

This is one of those bands that are ridiculously talented and, more importantly, fun. Polkadot Stingray does a great job of producing tight, catchy pop-rock tracks that culminate into one of the best albums of the year. Odoru Yo Ni is no different, with singles like Dude and Hide and Seek being some of the coolest songs you’ll hear all year. Aoi is beautifully dramatic and worth a listen.

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