Street Fighter: The Waifu Review

It’s waifu time once more and this time I’m going to be looking at the wonderful ladies of Street Fighter! I’ve been a Street Fighter fan for quite a while now and despite its ups and downs, I still find myself coming back to play it every now and then. I love my shoto characters like Ken and Ryu, but I always find myself maining female characters So it’s time to talk about some of the best!


Also known by the code name Killer Bee, Cammy was originally one of many clone assassins that worked under M. Bison as a part of Shadaloo. After breaking free from these chains, Cammy went on to become a MI6 operative for the British government, as she herself is British. Oh and she really likes cats.  

Cammy is an awesome character who definitely has some rather obvious and standout features… Her twin tails of course, because who doesn’t love a girl with plaited twin tails. Cammy’s iconic green leotard is definitely an interesting choice when it comes to clothing, but apparently it helps her move more freely and gives her higher speed, mobility and flexibility. I’m certainly not going to complain. 


A young girl with an intense fixation on our leading man, Ryu. Sakura is an extremely perky and bright character, who most likely best represents the player as she chases Ryu around the world in order to prove herself to him. She constantly looks up to him and that’s evident in her fighting style and move set all being variations or alterations of Ryu’s.

A student/teacher dynamic is always enjoyable to watch, especially considering that Ryu isn’t looking for students. It’s Sakura’s own pluckiness and drive that manages to persuade our world warrior to teach her. On top of this, Sakura is just a downright adorable character who plays an almost Peter Parker role of having to balance her daily school life while trying to master the techniques of her hero.


The rival of our previously mentioned Sakura. If Sakura is the tomboyish, bright, and optimistic character, then Karin is the classic rich and unpleasant ojou type character. Attending the same school as Sakura, Karin becomes her self proclaimed rival. While I say she is the unpleasant rich-girl type, it’s not to the point of not liking the character. 

Karin grew up with the family motto of “Always Win” and she takes this motto and pushes harder than anyone else. When handed defeat by Sakura, Karin begins to understand that fighting isn’t all about winning and she starts to gain a bit more humility. Karin is the Ken to Sakura’s Ryu, as they both mirror the situations of the two. To top it all off with Karin, she developed her own damn fighting style! That’s awesome!


First introduced in the most recent game in the series, Street Fighter V, Menat is a young Egyptian girl and also the apprentice fortune teller of Rose. Menat utilises her crystal ball when fortune telling… She also uses it as a weapon when she’s fighting. With Menat came a very unique playstyle of being able to manipulate something that wasn’t physically connected to the character. This along with a few other things made her quite the popular addition.

When it comes to Menat it all starts with her in -game walk cycle. Just watch it, you’ll understand everything from there. And from this point it just gets better and better, which her personality filled animations, great voice lines and incredible Critical Art animation! 

Crimson Viper

The other popular lady from Street Fighter 4, C. Viper. This lovely lady is an extremely fast-paced, and highly technical character who specialises in rush down and overwhelming the opponent with extreme pressure. 

C.Viper is an undercover CIA agent who is equipped with numerous gadgets fitted into her battle suit like thunder-knuckles and flame boots. Her greatest appeal though, is that she is a badass single mother who can kick ass and still take care of her daughter. 


Juri is the number 1 waifu in my heart and she always will be… But all things considered she is still a psychopathic killer, so she probably doesn’t deserve the top spot. First introduced as a new fighter in Super Street Fighter 4, Juri hails from South Korea and specialises in taekwondo.

Why do I love Juri so much? Just look at her! She comes equipped with some of the most powerful twin tail drills I have ever seen that demand your attention, although they are probably meant to make her look somewhat devilish. She has a damn eyepatch! Everyone knows eyepatches are always cool. Thanks to anime logic, they always make you think the character is hiding some kind of latent power beneath it and BOOM that’s actually what Juri has! As a practitioner of Taekwondo, she primarily uses her legs to fight which results in some extremely unique and awesome attacks and animation. To top it all off, Juri is absolutely bursting at the seams with a personality that I can’t help but adore. You’re number 1 in my heart Juri.


There isn’t really a contest when it all comes down to it. Chun-Li is without a doubt the top waifu of Street Fighter. She was the first lady to be introduced in the series and is considered the strongest woman in the world. After her father is killed by M. Bison, Chun-Li masters the art of Kung-Fu and enlists as an Interpol agent, while searching for M. Bison. 

Not only is Chun-Li the strongest woman in the world, but she is also a great character that manages to keep on the straight and narrow despite her dark past. She is basically the counterpart to Juri in this sense. She is one of the most influential female characters in videos overall, plus… She’s got the thighs of a goddess! I mean only someone with Chun-Li’s physique could ever pull off a spinning bird kick.

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