Take A Rare Look Inside The Studio Ghibli Museum

 Take A Rare Look Inside The Studio Ghibli Museum

Now that we’re stuck indoors, there’s never been a better time to catch up on all things Studio Ghibli. Seeing as you can stream it all on Netflix now, you might fall into the rabbit hole so many of us have over the years. Luckily, the Studio Ghibli Museum in Japan is opening its doors for some virtual tours for the first time.

The Studio Ghibli Museum In Mitaka

Often a tourist destination, due to COVID-19, the museum has had to close its doors temporarily. The museum has however taken to YouTube to start putting out short clips, showing off the inside of the famous building. As of right now there are four videos on their channel, with the most recent coming 12 hours ago – so you can expect even more.

The first video takes you from the outside, into the museum and up to the reception, which is decorated with an amazing mural featuring characters from Ghibli’s works.

The second video shows a room that looks like a replica of Miyazaki’s office, it’s full of fascinating blueprints, artwork and designs from all the movies.

The third video shows the museum at night time, lit up by plenty of candles, and some beautiful stained glass windows featuring Totoro and more.

The fourth video shows us the Ghibli Museum Cafe, which looks like a set straight of one of their own movies. You can even see the variety of character themed mugs you can choose from!

Hopefully the Studio Ghibli museum will be able to re-open soon, but until then, it’s neat to get a look at the museum for those not fortunate enough to have been there themselves!

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