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Manga Gamer Announces Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers

The localisation company, Manga Gamer, has announced that it will be bringing a new BL (Boys’ Love) game to English-speaking fans! The visual novel, created by Mito Togo, is called Hadaka Shitsuji – Naked Butlers and features five ‘dazzling butlers’ and one sadistic protagonist. The news came via Manga Gamer’s twitter account during Anime Expo, […]Read More

Monstrous Lovers is on Indiegogo!

Many boys’ love fans were disappointed when Witch Boy Magical Piece failed to reach its funding goal last year, but I have some news that should take some of the sting out of that unsatisfying memory. Sekai Project is once again backing a Boys’ Love game, this time an indie visual novel called Monstrous Lovers! […]Read More

Witch Boy Magical Piece is on Kickstarter!

Are you a fan of the Magical Girl genre? Do you like gender bender stories? If so, you will definitely want to check out Witch Boy Magical Piece! The BL game is developed by Rosemary House and has had great success as a mobile app game in Japan. Sekai Project is now looking to bring […]Read More

Otakon 2015 Visual Novel Localisation Announcements?!

Apparently after AX 2015, we haven’t had enough. There’s just too many good things to keep from bringing over to the English-reading world, and we have yet again been blessed with more localisation announcements. Including more genres and some long-awaited follow-ups to favourite games.     After Anime Expo just a few weeks ago, only […]Read More

Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth Needs Your Support!

If you’re a fan of Boys’ Love (BL), then you should be very aware of how poor the market is for BL games. Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth thus comes as a much welcomed surprise. The mobile app game is a development of Life Wonders, a Japanese company based in Tokyo. Already available from the […]Read More

I am Alice: Body Swap in Wonderland Vol. 3 Review

The final volume of I am Alice: Body Swap in Wonderland has arrived! If you’re new to the series then make sure you catch up with Volume 1 and Volume 2. Volume 3 finally reveals what happened to Makoto and Hatter after the King of Hearts angrily spirited them away. We also find out the […]Read More

No, Thank You!!! Review (PC)

It happened! It finally happened! Nine years after JAST USA’s Absolute Obedience and Enzai, sixteen years after Joinac’s Graduation, BL (Boys’ Love) fans finally have an official English release of a visual novel in the form of No, Thank You!!! by Parade. Translated and localised by Manga Gamer, this 18+ BL game came to the […]Read More

I am Alice: Body Swap in Wonderland Vol. 2 Review

Last volume we left our band of eccentric heroes in a suspended state of tension. The soldiers agreed to help Makoto and Alice get to the palace in order to get the two back into their own bodies, while also having a secondary aim in getting the King of Hearts to stop attacking his own […]Read More

I am Alice: Body Swap in Wonderland Vol. 1 Review

The fantastical tale of Alice in Wonderland is one of the most well-known stories out there. Throughout the years it’s had hundreds of prodigies, of books, television series, films, video games and so on, that have been inspired by this surreal text. You could, you may argue, say it’s even been done to death. Yeah, […]Read More

No, Thank You!!! (Demo) First Impressions

I’m super excited about No, Thank You!!! Boys’ Love fans hadn’t had an official English release of a BL visual novel since JAST USA’s Absolute Obedience and Enzai games back in 2006. Prior to that, the only BL game to offer an official English language option was Graduation by Joinac back in 1999. The track […]Read More