The Coma a Korean High-School Horror

October is the best month of the year for horror game fans. This month, Devespresso Games from Seoul South Korea will be bringing us The Coma, a unique Korean adventure horror game set in a high-school. The game was recently Greenlit and will be available on the 19th of October on Steam for Windows and Mac.



You play as Youngho a high-school student who after a night of cramming for the finals falls asleep at school. He wakes up to find it dark and the school in a rundown state.


In The Coma you will explore the school just with your trusty flashlight. As you search for a way out you will encounter various threats. Since you cannot fight back you can only run or hide. Unfortunately, Youngho is not much of an athlete so you won’t be able to run for too long.



Even though it is an indie title, The Coma features some beautifully stylized 2D artwork. The various choices in the game will change the flow of the story so you may expect an adventure which can be played multiple times. We can’t wait to see the final game once its released.


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