Tower of God: The Essential Beginner’s Guide

Tower of God is a new anime that’s taking Crunchyroll viewers by storm this season, especially as it’s an exclusive. But what is it all about? Where does the anime originate from? Who are the strongest characters? Let us answer all those questions for you!

Who Created Tower of God?

Tower of God is actually a South Korean webtoon, or manwha. It was created by autoher Lee Jong-hui and first published in 201. It’s known as the first story in the ‘Talse Uzer’ universe, and as of 2020, has over 4.5 billion views worldwide!

What Is Tower of God About?

Tower of God focuses on two main characters, a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam, and his friend Rachel. Both are trapped below a huge tower, simply known as ‘The Tower’. One day Rachel enters the Tower, Bam follows her, and the adventure begins!

What Is The Tower In Tower of God?

The Tower is basically the entire world in Tower of God, not much is known about the outside world. From what we know, there are 135 floors confirmed within the tower, and each one (except Floor 43) contains something called a Guardian. The Guardians are beings that control the Shinsoo on each floor, which we’ll talk about in detail below.

The Tower has three different parts: The Inner Tower, The Outer Tower and the Middle Area.

The Outer Tower is basically where all the residents live. Each floor of the Outer Tower is actually as big as the Americas here on Earth, so it’s actually huge. Most people live on the same floor their entire lives, and each floor has it’s own culture and identity, mostly based on the wishes of its Ruler and Guardian.

The Inner Tower is where all the action happens. Selected Regulars (a person permitted to climb the tower) are allowed to climb the inner tower. Each floor of the Inner Tower has a series of tests, decided by the floor’s Ruler. These tests can vary from battle-royale like fights, to hide-and-seek games. The only reason a test could be denied is if the Guardian objects. Generally the tests get harder the higher your floor, but it’s worth noting floors 2 and 20 are especially difficult.

The Middle Area, as the name suggests, is the area between the Inner and Outer sections of The Tower. It is another place for people to live, but generally there are more Rankers (Someone who has reached the 134th floor) here than anywhere else.

The top of The Tower is on the 135th floor (as far as we know), but only 134 are currently accessible. Nobody has ever been able to defeat the 135th floor Guardian, so it’s currently not deemed accessible.

What Is The Zahard Empire In Tower of God?

tower of god zahard empire

The Zahard Empire is ruled by Zahard, known as the King of The Tower. Zahard was the one who entered The Tower a long time ago, along with The Great Warriors, to undertake the initial tests. The empire spread amongst every floor of The Tower, and thus became the dominant faction. Zahard rules over the entire Tower, but as he is resting, he is represented by three lords.

What Is Shinshoo In Tower of God?

Shinsoo is the closest thing Tower of God has to a unique magic system. It flows around The Tower on all levels, and is produced by The Tower itself. Shinsoo is needed for people to survive and breath in The Tower, as it replaces air! Magic does exist in Tower of God, but it is a separate entity, and Shinsoo is generally accessible compared to magic.

Shinsoo has various powers, in fact, it seems the possibilities are endless. Shinsoo can be used to create Eternal Youth, Control of Elements, God Powers, and Immortality.

Most people who are looking to climb The Tower, will have some element of control of Shinsoo. Some people, known as Wave Controllers, specialise in it. It’s also pretty much common knowledge that all Rankers are strong in their control of Shinsoo. A contract with a Guardian is necessary to use Shinsoo, and contracts do not always cover every floor in the Tower.

What Are Rankers In Tower of God?

tower of god rankers

Rankers are those that have reached the top of the known Tower, that is Floor 134. At this point they are given a rank based on a variety of statistics like power and influence. Rankers are viewed as gods by some, and often become Test Directors on their floors. They gain a variety of perks, one being the ability to use the Middle Area’s staircases to traverse floors quickly.

An Advanced Ranker is someone in the Top 10% of Rankers. There are around 10,000 of these at the moment.

A High Ranker is in the Top 1% of Rankers. There around 1,000 of them in total. These people are generally considered as the utter elite, and are very much godlike. They also have permission to attempt the 135th Floor, but none have tried. Some High Rankers have been inactive since ancient times, these guys are referred to as Blue Holes.

High Rankers also receive a nickname, called a Sobriquet. These are usually based on the person’s battle Position. Exceptions to this do happen though, Zahard for example is known as the King of the Tower.

Rankers are actually forbidden from interaction with Regulars.

What Are The Positions In Tower of God?

tower of god positions

Most battles in The Tower are fought in teams. The position refers to the role a person plays in the battle. Think of a raid party in an MMO, you may have a healer, a tank, a DPS etc. It’s pretty much the same thing here.

The five main positions:

  • Fisherman – The DPS. They go straight into the fight to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Scout – As you would expect, they go ahead of the group to investigate enemy forces.
  • Light Bearer – Their job is to store and deliver knowledge on the situation to their teammates.
  • Spear Bearer – The long range DPS, basically act like snipers, but they can attack up close if need be.
  • Wave Controller – They control the battle using Shinsoo, they can heal allies, attack enemies, and do plenty of other things through the power of Shinsoo.

Special positions:

  • Defender – Almost like a tank, they stop damage being deal to the Light Bearer and Spear Bearer.
  • Guide – Considered blessed by The Tower, Guides tend to lead the team, and specialise in analysis.
  • Anima – Someone who controls living beings.
  • Dansulsa – These people can create areas of huge Shinsoo pressure.
  • Wonsulsa – These people can create a perfect Shinsoo circle, which means they gain a lot more strength.

Who Are The Strongest
Characters In Tower of God?

who are the strongest characters in tower of god?

The strongest characters in Tower of God are the High Rankers. As there are 1,000 of them, most are currently unknown. We’ll list the top 3 current strongest characters below, all of which are basically gods.

  1. Phantaminum – Not much is known about Phantaminum, who has the ‘Riddle’ Sobriquet. He is an Irregular (someone who entered from the outside) and has no clear motives or friends inside The Tower. He is an Axis, which means he has the ability to generate a space around them, and write records that cannot be erased. He could only be defeated by an even stronger Axis.

  2. Enryu – The first Irregular to enter The Tower within the Zahard Empire’s rule, he is known as Red Tower. He is the only person who is known to have killed a Guardian. He was once the most powerful Ranker, until Phantaminum entered. Enryu has more control over Shinsoo than even the Guardians, and the Shinsoo turns red when in his presence.

  3. Zahard – The King of the Tower. He is by far the most famous person living with The Tower, and he’s the highest ranking active Ranker. He’s a cold and ruthless King, he is able to fight in any of the battle Positions extremely well. He also has the power to manipulate fate, which I guess is pretty strong…

So there you have it! That should be everything you need to know to get started in Tower of God. It’s currently streaming exclusively on Crunchyroll if you want to check it out, or you can read the webtoon online here!

We didn’t talk about the OP here, but of course they’re an important part of any anime. Check out our favourite anime OP’s here!

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