Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl – Heat Two

We knew if there’d be one thing to heat Persona fans up it would be a Best Girl tournament. Thanks to everyone who voted in Waifu: Wars: The Legend of Best Girl Heat One to support their best girls. Today we’re moving onto the second lot of match-ups. Please join us and vote for your favourites once again! A victor will be chosen by the time Persona Q is released!




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Get voting!


And, as usual, may the best girl win! Voting on this round closes tomorrow at 3pm.


UPDATE: The Quarter-Finals are now live!


If you want to see who won the first heat then look no further:





Waifu Wars: The Legend of Best Girl is to celebrate the upcoming release of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on Friday! Our Rice Digital bundle of the game comes with a free set of Chie’s Badges, and a Double Teddie Keyring! Grab it here!


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