Waifu Wednesday: Darkness (Konosuba)

Waifu Wednesday

To those of us with good taste, Konosuba is a veritable waifu buffet. There are no bad choices with this show, since so many of the women on the show bring something different to the party. Choosing someone to highlight is a tough call, but today we’re going to focus on Darkness.

Darkness, with all the awkward situations she brings with her, is the subject of this week’s Waifu Wednesday.

Who is Darkness?

Darkness from Konosuba

Unlike most of protagonist Kazuma’s adventuring party in Konosuba, Darkness is shockingly competent. She is a member of the powerful Crusader class and has decent armour and stats. Although her attack accuracy is terrible and she often misses monsters standing just a few feet in front of her, she has very high resistance to magic and physical damage and a lot of hit points, making her the perfect shield to protect people from harm. It is said that she has one of the toughest bodies in the world, allowing her to withstand even the destruction magic of Megumin.

When we first meet Darkness, she is willing to throw herself at the enemy to keep the rest of the city safe. It appears to be a noble sacrifice, but, like everything else in Konosuba, it quickly gets weird. See, Darkness doesn’t stand in the way of evil because it’s the right thing to do. She does it because she likes it when monsters hurt and humiliate her.

I mean, she really likes it.

Why We Love Her

Darkness Tied Up and loving it

Everyone in Konosuba is a joke in one way or another. The joke of the masochistic fighter who gets a thrill out of the pain and humiliation that is inflicted upon her basically writes itself, but there is a bit more to Darkness than just that. She comes from a noble family and often carries herself with the dignity and pride that comes from such an upbringing. She is also kind and thoughtful, looking out for her friends and family when they are in trouble. Even if she has her own motivation for doing so, Darkness never hesitates to throw herself in the path of danger to shield those around her.

Darkness has a good heart and knows what she wants, which is an attractive trait in a woman. It just happens that what she wants is to be tortured and exploited at the hands of monsters, demons, and disgusting men. She gets so excited by the prospect that it puts her would-be abusers off, catching them off guard when the woman they’re trying to kill keeps coming back for more.

Why You’ll Love Her

Darkness from Konosuba

Though Kazuma is usually the one who gets accused of being a pervert, Darkness is the member of the party with the most twisted desires and kinks. She’ll do whatever it takes to get her humiliation fix, whether that is offering herself up as collateral to secure her friend’s freedom from prison or letting a demon possess her body so it could act out whatever perversions it might be imagining.

Though it often causes confusion and a lot of awkward glances between those who witness her antics, Darkness’ desires are often what allows the party to accomplish their mission. She genuinely wants to protect people. It just happens that she enjoys doing so a bit more than is probably considered healthy. And if the end result is that people are kept safe, who cares if she enjoys it a bit more than most people should?

If you want to catch up on Konosuba and see more of the variety of waifus on offer in it, you can find it both subbed and dubbed on Crunchyroll.

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