Anime That Deserve The Brotherhood Treatment

 Anime That Deserve The Brotherhood Treatment

Some anime are perfect the way they are, but some could always be better if they were given a bit of love in the modern era!

Just like Fullmetal Alchemist, we’re going to take a look at some anime that also deserve the Brotherhood treatment.

Eyeshield 21  

I absolutely love sports anime, especially when it highlights a sport that I don’t have much knowledge about. Even if the series may be a bit over the top and unrealistic at times, they introduce you to a new sport and give you an appreciation for it that you may not have previously had. 

This is Eyeshield 21 for me. I don’t follow American football, but I greatly enjoyed both the anime and the manga. However, the anime cuts-off before some of the best stuff! This is a series by an absolute master of the manga-craft in Yusuke Murata, please give this series the Brotherhood treatment! 

Tokyo ghoul

Ugh, recalling my experience with this series is such a weird one. I started with watching the first season of the anime, and about half way through the series I was so intrigued by the concepts being put forward. Next thing I knew, I was caught up with the manga. However, reading the manga made me realise that anime had made some bizarre decisions with regards to placing and rearranging events in the stories timeline. These irked me, but it wasn’t that bad and the first season of the anime is fine. 

This all changes going further… Season 2 or, Tokyo Ghoul Root A, goes in a completely different direction from the canon. Towards the end of the first season, Kaneki is driven to the point of madness at the hands of Aogiri Tree. Root A decides that Kaneki would join this group of Ghouls… The ones responsible for driving him insane. It really makes no sense.

I would personally love a Brotherhood remake of Tokyo Ghoul. However, similarly to series like Berserk or Vagabond, the artstyle of the series is so consistently amazing in Sui Ishida’s style, that part of me hopes they just leave the manga as it is.


Speaking of Berserk, I think it’s about time that the fans either get a truly great adaptation, or nobody touches it (not that Miura is touching it much himself. Sorry, Berserk fans). I watched the 1997 version of Berserk quite a while ago, and I thought it was good and I was confused as to why we didn’t see more. Berserk 2016 though… I’m not sure how that one was allowed to happen honestly. This is a series that is constantly held in extremely high regards by it’s fans for its unique style and art. The 3D animation of the 2016 anime really didn’t do anything to get those things across from the manga. 

I would love for the fans to finally get an anime adaptation that mirrors their passion for a series they’re quite literally having to wait forever for. If for some reason it absolutely needs to be in 3D, let’s get the gods down at Studio Orange to animate it.

Rosario + Vampire

I really enjoyed Rosario + Vampire when I first watched it. My enjoyment led me to reading the manga, where I learnt that the story was quite different. Rosario + Vampire was unfortunately one of many series back then that had it’s content slightly altered in order to reach a more climactic ending for the anime alone, as opposed to teasing to a grander story that is yet to be told. 

There was some really cool stuff that happens in Rosario + Vampire manga, revolving around the main character, that I would have loved to see animated. It felt like a supernatural slice of life series with it’s added harem elements, that turned into a genuinely interesting story revolving around the origins of the first vampire and how this human boy goes about helping his vampiric love interest. 

Air gear

Air Gear for me, was my perfect anime when it comes to the right thing at the right time. I was really into skateboarding around the time period that I watched Air Gear, so everything about this series just spoke to me and I have nothing but love for it.

This series was completely absurd! It’s over-the-top, unrealistic but it’s so damn good! The whole concept of rollerblade battles and gathering teams who then compete on a massive stage. I loved it. I caught up with the manga quickly, and still remember the day the last chapter was released. I remember being confused as to why the series never saw a second season, and I can only assume that it wasn’t as popular in Japan as I would have liked it to be. The series did get a few OVA episodes that were adaptations of events much later in the manga, when the regalia are a much more prominent feature of the series. 

As much as I would personally love for Air Gear to make a return, I think this may have the lowest chances out of these 5 series. Air Gear is 14 years old now and the manga is finished. 

I’m sure there are plenty more series that deserve remakes, but these were some of my personal choices. Thanks for reading! Stay safe and healthy! 

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