Fire Emblem Three Houses: The Waifu Review

I FINALLY got round to finishing Fire Emblem Three Houses and I think that game hit me with a tremendously hard decision to make. I’m not talking about which class I chose, and I’m not talking about certain branching story points. I’m talking about the waifu’s baby! I played as male Byleth teaching the Black Eagles class, so straight away I’m hit with 3 powerhouses. I went down the path that led me away from Edelgard, which was unfortunate, but I still managed to recruit many characters during the first portion of the game.

Without further delay, let’s chat about some waifu’s!


Is this considered controversial? I don’t know, what I do know is that I like Rhea and all of the HUGE assets that come along with her. Rhea was a character I was constantly on edge about. These characters that are hugely obsessed with the religious elements usually tend to be a bit spooky just when you begin to think they’re decent. Rhea really surprised me though with her genuine love for Byleth that is a constant all the way until the end. 


As I mentioned earlier I went with the Black Eagle route which moved away from Edelgard, which meant that characters with a strong allegiance to Rhea stayed on my side. Catherine being one of these characters. Catherine is a beast who wields the ancient ThunderBrand sword and, in my play-through, she was one of my absolute best units. 

I cannot express how much I love badass female characters, so Catherine ticked a lot of the boxes for me. She is incredibly loyal to Rhea, but slowly becomes the same way with Byleth.


Lysithea is an amazing character with a really tragic background, reminiscent of Edelgards, that only makes you grow closer to her. Her personality can be somewhat harsh at times, but I can give her a pass most of the time. She is most definitely the quintessential mage class/glass cannon type character that absolutely annihilated almost anything she comes up against. She’s cute and I like her.


Another character I was dead set on recruiting into my house was Mercedes. She is a very wholesome character who can’t turn a blind eye to someone in need. She has a very mature and reliable air about her which makes her all the more wonderful of a character. Mercedes is also a fantastic healer class character with access to fortify, which is hands down one of the best healing abilities in the game. Mercedes also has access to the Gremory class towards the end game, which just makes her even more amazing.


Ah, a fan favourite. HIlda is an interesting character that I can totally understand. Hilda is straight up lazy, or she certainly makes herself out to be. Similarly to Dedue and Hubert, Hilda is the second in command of the Golden Deer house. This makes the conditions to get her to join your house quite difficult and I still have no idea how I managed to recruit her. Hilda is an absolute beast when it comes to raw power, especially when you equip her with the Heroes relic axe. You’ll also be met with arguably the best waifu screen should you choose her at the end.


Everyone’s favourite goth girlfriend. Shamir is a really cool character who specialises in archery. She was such a strong unit on my team and came out as the MVP numerous times throughout my play-through. Shamir was a mercenary who became a knight to help pay off her debts. Despite being a knight of Seiros, Shamir is not a believer in the Church. I thought this was quite refreshing and a nice contrast from the other instructor characters such as Catherine.


We’re getting to the real deals for me now. These next three characters were all the front runners for my choice from beginning all the way until the end of the game. I really like Manuela. My reasoning? There are two forms of it: the degenerate and he wholesome (somewhat).

When it comes to the “Ara Ara~, mature, onee-chan” department, Manuela OBLITERATES the competition. I’m a sucker for that type, so this is where my degenerate side tried very hard to pull off of the path.

On the other side I really liked that her character was this hopeless romantic who, despite her beauty, could never find a partner. Her outward appearance was a complete contrast to her private life. When we see Manuela she is always prim and proper, but behind closed doors she is an absolute mess. I really liked that about her.


Byleth: “Oh? You’re approaching me?” 

Dorothea: “Well, I can’t seduce you without getting closer”

This is an accurate representation of how Dorothea operates. She even has the Jotaro she has in the first half of the game to prove it. Dorothea is fantastic. She’s such a nice character who is thinking way too far into the future. Dorothea is a talented singer and looks up to Manuela during her time at Garreg Mach. At a certain point in the game, you are presented with the option of having a character become a dancer class and I can think of no character more suited to the role than Dorothea. 

The dancer class makes Dorothea an absolute monster of a magic class unit who now has the ability to give another unit another action every turn. So not only is Dorothea cute, she’s a badass!


Here we are. We have arrived at the number #1 best girl, in my opinion, in the whole of Three Houses, Petra. As I mentioned before, Petra, Dorothea and Manuela were my top 3 throughout the entire game, so my decision came down to smaller aspects of their characters that really made them unique. This is where I believe that Petra is unbeatable.

Petra is from Brigid, a different area to the west of Fodlan. This means that her use of the common language is Fodlan is ever so slightly off, but in the most endearing way. She also has a personality that reinforces this. She is always trying her best. Whether it’s learning more about Fodlan or it’s language, understanding her classmates more, or just becoming stranger. Petra will hit you with lines of dialogue so wholesome and endearing that you won’t be able to look at her because she’s shining too brightly.

Her design is amazing too! In the second portion of the game, she comes back wearing what I presume is Brigid clothing that makes her look like an absolute badass. This in addition to the purple braided hair and tattoos… She’s best girl.

That’s my Waifu Review for Fire Emblem Three Houses. Play the game if you haven’t, it’s a lot of fun! Let me know your favourites! Thanks for reading!

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