Get 4 days of free playtime via Final Fantasy XIV’s latest Free Login Campaign

As we predicted before the release of Patch 5.45 for Final Fantasy XIV, the MMO will be running yet another Free Login Campaign for players with lapsed subscriptions.

If your account has been inactive for at least 30 days, logging into the Final Fantasy XIV launcher will grant up to four days of free playtime — of course, the timer will still be ticking during any potential downtime due to maintenance, or even just not logging in to the game itself.

These Free Login Campaigns usually happen not long after the release of .x5 patches, enticing previous players to come back and try out some of the game’s newly released content.

For those that have only been gone for a month or two, there’s not been a crazy number of additions to Final Fantasy XIV.

The aforementioned Patch 5.45 brought with it a new large-scale instance, and Blue Mage gained access to even more broken spells. There’s also an ongoing event in the form of Valentione’s and Little Ladies’ Day 2021, two events combined into one because of development issues caused by Covid-19.

You’ll have until March 31 at 14:59 GMT to take advantage of this offer, which happens to be only a couple of weeks before the launch of Patch 5.5.

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