How To Max All Social Stats In Persona 5 Royal Quickly

Let’s break down how to max all social stats in Persona 5 Royal. Just like all mainline Persona titles, Persona 5 Royal allows you to do multiple activities every day, depending on how you want to shape your story and character. These range from hanging out with friends to boost confidant ranking, to a gigantic burger eating challenge. Doing these things can raise your social stats, and with limited time available, it’s important to choose activities wisely to reach Rank 5.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to see how many points you have in each skill, but you can get an idea by visiting the bathroom at school, or even in Leblanc. The notes that display on screen when finishing something indicate how many points you receive for that activity:

  • One note – 2 points
  • Two notes – 3 or 4 points
  • Three notes – 5, 7 or 10 points

How To Max All Social Stats In Persona 5 Royal Quickly

Let us start the game.

How To Improve Knowledge In Persona 5 Royal

Typically, Knowledge takes the longest to rank up, generally requiring around 50 points more than all the other social stats, so it’s worth putting some extra focus into knowledge if that’s important to your playthrough.

The best ways to improve knowledge in Persona 5 Royal are:

  • Study at Leblanc or school – especially when raining.
  • Read Knowledge books – some award up to 7 points.
  • Watch a Knowledge based movie – only worth it the first time.
  • Study with friends – very beneficial for confidant ranks too.
  • Complete a retro game.
  • Work at Shinjuku bar.
  • Billiards – random chance for 2 points.

How To Improve Guts In Persona 5 Royal

Guts is important for a number of confidant ranks in Persona 5 Royal, so let’s break down the best ways to rank it up. It’s worth noting a lot of your Guts will come from in-calendar events that I won’t spoil.

  • Read Guts books.
  • Hang out with Takemi.
  • Watch Guts DVD’s.
  • Watch Guts based movie – only worth it the first time.
  • Big Bang Burger Challenge

How To Improve Proficiency In Persona 5 Royal

Proficiency is useful for tool making amongst other things, so here are the best ways to improve it!

  • Hang out with Iwai.
  • Make tools for Palaces.
  • Read Proficiency books.
  • Watch Profiency based movie – only worth it the first time.
  • Playing darts.
  • Fix the broken laptop.
  • Work at the beef bowl restaurant.
  • Big Bang Burger Challenge.

How To Improve Kindness In Persona 5 Royal

Your Kindness effects how far you can get in various confidant rankings and situations in the game, here’s how to improve it.

  • Hang out with Sojiro.
  • Hang out with Shinya – not quite as beneficial as Sojiro.
  • Work at the flower shop – especially on event days.
  • Read Kindness books.
  • Watch Kindness based movie – only worth it the first time.
  • Tend to your plant.

How To Improve Charm In Persona 5 Royal

Of course charm is useful, it lets you woo your way out of situations. Here’s how to get more of it.

  • Hang out with Ohya.
  • Hang out with Yoshida.
  • Use public bath – especially when raining or on Sunday.
  • Read Charm books.
  • Watch Charm based movie – only worth it the first time.
  • Score well in exams.
  • Order from special menu at Maid Cafe.

On a more general note, you’ll want to meet up with Chihaya in Shinjuku. Her confidant rank will increase the amount of stats you get by 1.5 times for the rest of the day after visiting her. Otherwise, head over the library to pick up a book for when you’re on the train. Cinema Treasures is a particular book to look out for in the store, with this, you get an extra music note after seeing a movie in the cinema or on DVD.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of how to max all social stats in Persona 5 Royal! If you’re looking for more tips, we have them!

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