Hump Day Husbandos: Izumi Miyamura (Horimiya)

Hump Day Husbandos

Everyone reading this has more than likely had their emo phase — I feel like it’s an arc all anime fans go through — and despite feeling like it’s you against the world, you’re still the same person, just with a couple more piercings and a new haircut. That is Izumi Miyamura. Honestly, I resonate with this character so much, and I love him a lot. 

Izumi Miyamura is the anime embodiment of not judging a book by its cover; the same can be said for his fellow lead Kyouko Hori, of course, but we’re focusing on our main man today. Let’s dive into exactly why I would happily switch teams if this man was real.

Horimiya Izumi Miyamura Husbando

Who is Izumi Miyamura?

Izumi Miyamura is the main male lead of Horimiya — a high school romance series that focuses on theme of not judging by appearances — and instead, getting to know the more personal side of a person that they keep hidden from others, or only wish for that special person to know about. 

Miyamura is a gloomy guy who was something of an ostracised outcast throughout his entire school life. And as a result, he’s ended up in the aforementioned emo phase. His loneliness pushes him to make some impulsive aesthetic choices, such as his numerous piercings and tattoos, but he is still the same caring and warm person under this disguise.

Horimiya explores friendships and relationships from the perspective of a lonely person, and in doing so gives a fresh and enjoyable take on a story I’m sure people have seen numerous times. 

Horimiya Izumi Miyamura Husbando

Why I love Izumi Miyamura

I mentioned that Miyamura is a character that I resonate with; I wasn’t necessarily lonely in high school, but being an anime in a school where everyone looked down on this medium of entertainment created a form of loneliness in itself. It felt as though I was constantly putting up an appearance, then when I got home I could finally be myself. That and I also went through a stage of getting piercings — no tattoos yet though. 

Miyamura is constantly judged because of his appearance which only serves to extend the duration of his loneliness — seriously, the man just has long hair; is that really all that weird? 

His life truly changed when he met Kyouko Hori, a fellow classmate who just so happened to be quite the beauty. Miyamura begins to understand what friendship is and learns that there are people like Hori, who don’t care about people calling you “gloomy” or “emo”. She is the type who will spend time with a person, get to know them and base her opinion off that, not the mumblings of classmates. Through this a truly heartwarming and beautiful story of high school romance is told.

Horimiya Izumi Miyamura Husbando

Why you’ll love Izumi Miyamura

I doubt that I’m on my own in being able to relate to aspects of this character, as I’m almost certain many people went through a similar phase in their high school lives. You will love Izumi Miyamura because despite appearances he is a genuinely wonderful character that places new friendships, especially Hori, at the absolute top of his priority list. 

He spent so much time alone that these friends have become something unbelievably precious to him. When you think of that face a character makes when they think “I’m just so happy to be living this life”? That’s Miyamura every second that he is with Hori. 

Horimiya goes against the romance cliche of drama and is a story heavily focused on the wholesome and gradual budding love between two characters. I eagerly await every single episode of Horimiya, and its characters are my favourite aspect of the show. 

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