Pokemon Twilight Wings Comes To An End

The fantastic Pokemon miniseries, Twilight Wings, has reached its conclusion with an episode focused on Leon, the Galar champion.

In case you aren’t aware, Pokemon Twilight Wings is a 7-episode miniseries that’s directly uploaded onto YouTube, with a beautiful animation style and a distinct story each episode. Think in a similar vein to the awesome Pokemon Origins (but maybe not quite to the same level).

The final episode in the series features Leon, and John from the first episode – who finally gets to see him fight!

It’s worth noting that the quality of the animation in this series is so much better than the traditional Pokemon anime because they only have to put out 7 shorter episodes with a bigger gap between each, whereas the traditional anime has to churn them out regularly.

Either way, if you want to watch all of Pokemon Twilight Wings, you can do so here.

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