Say ‘hello’ to the game you play with your penis.

That’s right, I said ‘Penis’. I’m kind of hoping I won’t have to say it again in a hurry. The game is called Custom Maid 3D and, well, without beating around the bush – it’s basically a 3D anime sex doll that, with the use of an innovative new controller you can, um… have virtual sex with. 



The controller itself is the unusually titled Ju-C Air – and it syncs movement with your character using sensors inside, that can detect ‘depth and speed’.


The on-screen maid will then respond according to your actions, and in a rather disturbing turn of event’s there’s a button on it that you can press for you game character to ejaculate at the point of your choosing.



You can make your own maid with a choice of four personalities – and the costumes you can dress them up in will vary depending on which store in Japan you buy your copy from.



Needless to say we’ve requested a review copy we don’t want anything to do with this.


If you’d like to know more – we suggest you head here.

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