Six of the best sexy games on Switch, 2023 edition

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Without fail, any time we look at our site analytics, you can count on a couple of articles always being there: our Top 10 Sexy Games for Perverts list from 2019, and our Top 10 Sexy Games for Switch piece from 2021.

Ergo, it is pretty clear that the Rice Digital audience enjoys sexy games. And as such, it behooves us to provide the readership with what they want. Sexy games. Particularly on Nintendo Switch.

So that’s what today’s all about. Six of the best sexy games on Nintendo Switch, as of the end of February 2023. Some of these titles will be familiar faces, others are a little lesser known. All are well worth playing not just for their sexy content, but for actually being decent games, too.

So let’s get started!

Pretty Girls Escape

Sexy games for Switch: Pretty Girls Escape

The most recent console entry in the increasingly sprawling Pretty Girls series at the time of writing, this title from Zoo Corporation and eastasiasoft is a riff on the classic “SameGame” formula. Presented with a grid of coloured tiles, it’s your job to complete the stages by selecting groups of tiles that are the same colour and orthogonally adjacent to one another.

It’s not just a case of clearing the stages, mind; the “Escape” part of the title refers to the fact that each stage’s main objective is for you to drop special blocks depicting the titular Pretty Girls down to the bottom of the level, thereby allowing them to “escape”. And while this might initially seem quite easy, the stage gimmicks that the game introduces as you progress through the levels and some increasingly fiendish stage designs make this a real brainteaser that comes highly recommended.

Read our full article on it here, or pick it up for Switch here.

Cosmo Player Z

Sexy games for Switch: Cosmo Player Z

While not explicitly lewd as such, low-budget arena shooter Cosmo Player Z’s emphasis on dressing its main heroine in a variety of midriff-revealing outfits in the name of unlocking new skills will certainly scratch an itch for anyone who enjoys pretty girls and arcade-style action.

It may be a little rough around the edges thanks to it very obviously being a port of a mobile game — and thankfully without any monetisation in its Switch incarnation — but it’s an enjoyable and worthwhile game that is great for having tucked away on your Switch’s SD card for when you fancy a bit of colourful blasting action with chibi boobs.

Read our full article on it here, or pick it up for Switch here.

Little Witch Nobeta

Sexy games for Switch: Little Witch Nobeta

Annoying lolicon memes aside, Little Witch Nobeta is both a fantastic game and one that features some wonderful character designs. Plus the creators, if you follow them on Twitter, are more than willing to indulge anyone who finds said characters particularly attractive — though you may need to crowdfund them if you want to see the really good stuff.

Described by some as a Soulslike, Little Witch Nobeta is actually a rather distinct thing thanks to its focus on ranged magical combat and puzzle-solving. It’s a tricky, challenging game, and not one where the sexy is the main focus — but given the culture surrounding the game coupled with its overeall excellent quality, it’s an eminently worthwhile inclusion in this list.

Read our full article on it here, or pick it up for Switch digitally here. Idea Factory International also has a limited physical version available for preorder.

Super Bullet Break

Sexy games on Switch: Super Bullet Break

Taking the form of a roguelike deckbuilder, Super Bullet Break is a highly enjoyable game that features solid, challenging gameplay, plenty of longterm appeal and a veritable bevy of beauties to collect. If you’re the sort of person who likes the idea of collecting waifu PNGs in mobile games but baulks at the idea of spending excessive amounts of money or inordinate amounts of time on being able to indulge this habit, Super Bullet Break is the perfect remedy.

Super Bullet Break challenges you with battling through a series of themed stages populated by a variety of cute waifus. The more you play, the more strategic options you have available to you — and the more waifus you have in your deck. It’s a winning formula — both a great game and one filled with sexy art.

Read our full piece on it here, or pick it up for Switch here. There’s also a physical edition available from our pals at Funstock.

Asobu Tights: Puzzle Lesson

Sexy games for Switch: Asobu Tights

Yes, there’s a video game based on the legendary tights-centric artwork of Yom, and it’s actually pretty good. Rather than being a visual novel or dating sim, it’s instead a puzzle game in which good performance allows you to unlock both Yom artwork and the original web episodes of Miru Tights.

The match-three formula may be a bit predictable, but its Zoo Puzzle-style focus on attaining high scores and clearing specific pieces from the board rather than completing short-form mobile game-style stages gives the game a decent degree of substance. There’s a few rough edges here and there in the localised version of the game, but it’s tough to argue with the opportunity to interact with Yom artwork.

Read our full piece on it here, or pick it up for Switch here.


Sexy games on Switch: Shuttlecock-H

Since shoot ’em ups are really about dodging anyway, what happens if you get rid of the shooting part? You get a fun game, that’s what. Now what if you add completely gratuitous, unnecessary and unrelated images of anime-style girls gradually disrobing and then doing an animated sex? Even better.

That’s precisely what Shuttlecock-H provides. It’s dumb, it’s stupid, it’s gratuitous, it’s probably the most pornographic game on Switch (though it still blocks out genitals, it’s worth noting) and it’s an absolute ton of fun. Killer soundtrack, too. Give it a go.

Read our full piece on it here, or pick it up for Switch here.

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